Greatest episodes of The Twilight Zone

The Twilight Zone was an American science-fiction show that first aired in the 1950s. It was considered one of the most groundbreaking TV shows of all time. The series has been remade on two occasions – once in the 1980s, and once in 2002, but the original remains the best. Widely considered to be one of the finest TV shows of all time, the show was that perfect blend of sci-fi, horror, supernatural, and fantasy, and is considered one of the first proper anthology shows.

Because it ran for five seasons, and over 150 episodes, it’s difficult to truly choose the episodes we would consider to be the best. Of course, it’s all subjective, but there are certainly some standout episodes among the seasons. So, we have come up with a list of some of our favorite episodes. See if you agree!

The Hitch-Hiker

This early episode first aired during the 1st season of the show, and showcased everything great about The Twilight Zone. The episode was a simple concept wonderfully executed and is considered by many to be the finest episode the series ever did. Following a woman named Nan, who is traveling cross country, and keeps encountering the same hitchhiking man, the episode was masterfully written. Perfectly paced, with great suspense, and one of the most wonderfully crafted endings in TV history, this is an episode that we could watch over and over again.

Greatest episodes of The Twilight Zone

The Invaders

This inventive and original episode first aired during the show’s second season, and was written by legendary author and screenwriter Richard Matheson. The episode sees an old woman in a remote cabin who is attacked by alien invaders. The great thing about this episode is how simple it is – just one actress and some puppets. Actress Agnes Moorehead has a lot to do here, and she does it wonderfully well. The episode is also well-known for its almost total lack of dialogue – a trope that would be used in many subsequent TV shows, but incredibly inventive and original for the time.

It’s a Good Life

This episode was basically a massive inspiration for Children of the Corn, and other horror flicks featuring creepy kids. The creepy kid in question here, Anthony Fremont, is among the most terrifying of the lot – a psychic tyrant who rules his town with an iron fist, and dispatches anyone who doesn’t think happy thoughts about him! Yeesh! And, the episode has a wonderfully bleak ending, fitting in perfectly with the creepiness of the story. We love this episode, and totally understand why it is so critically acclaimed.

Greatest episodes of The Twilight Zone

There have been so many great episodes of The Twilight Zone, and a lot have stood out over the years. In fact, you probably have your own ideas about what the best episodes are, and you may even have a list of your own. But, we certainly feel like these three episodes are the pinnacle of this fantastic series. They are critically acclaimed and were well-received by fans, and they are episodes that we can certainly watch multiple times.