Westworld is here: Humanoid robots built around the world

Have you ever dreamed of a trip to Westworld? If so, you’re not alone. After all, a park run by robots where you can do just about anything you want – what could go wrong? Yeah okay, maybe we won’t ask that twice. However, it looks as though our dreams could be closer to becoming a reality than we first thought, as these humanoid robots built around the world might just prove that Westworld is here already.


Back in 2014, Japan proudly unveiled their latest invention: Kodomoroid. However, this robot was like no other – it was realistic. In fact, the humanoid robot was even able to land a job as a newsreader for the day, as they announced the latest headlines about an FBI raid and earthquake all on live television. Although Kodomoroid has since been retired to the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo, it’s still able to help visitors and collect data for studies between robots and humans. How exciting!


If you’re looking for someone to have a chat with, then look no further, as Nadine could be the robot you’re after. It was created in Singapore at the Nanyang Technological University, where Nadine learned how to talk about anything and everything. As if that wasn’t scary enough, the humanoid robot can remember facts you tell it in one conversation and bring them up next time you have a chat. It’s thought that its purpose will be as a social robot for children or the elderly, but it kinds gives us the creeps.

Geminoid DK

At a quick glance, you might think you’re looking at a real-life person when, in fact, you are looking into the eyes of Geminoid DK. This humanoid robot is the child of a partnership between Osaka University and a private Japanese firm. However, they took some outside inspiration when it came to the robot’s appearance. Henrik Scharfe, a professor in Denmark, is the man behind the robot, but it doesn’t end there. The team even translated over his traits and behaviors, making Geminoid DK an almost perfect clone.


It might not have an official name, but BINA48 has plenty of personality to fill in the gaps between the wires. That’s because back in 2010, David Hanson helped Martine Rothblatt to make his dreams come true with the release of this sentient robot. That means BINA48 is able to think and feel for itself as well as forge its own opinions. Scary, much? As if that wasn’t enough, the humanoid robot is the perfect recreation of Bina Aspen Rothblatt, Martine’s wife.


If you’re looking for full-on creep level when it comes to looking at a humanoid robot, then we’ve found it, and it comes in the form of Sophia. This robot is capable of thinking, feeling, and expressing her emotions, as well as gesturing with her hands and arms, and she even has human-like facial features. Her incredible talents have even landed Sophia plenty of spots in the limelight, including an appearance on The Tonight Show. To top it off, Sophia has even written her own blog where she expresses how she wants to “live with people.”

Okay, we have to admit it, these humanoid robots built around the world are both amazing and terrifying at the same time. Although it’s incredible to see how far us humans have come, we’re not sure we want to be living in a world run by robots just yet.