How to fix your iPhone camera when it turns black

Apple, when they have you hooked, there’s pretty much no way to kick the habit. They control a significant portion of the gadget market, and as well as our iPhones, we have Apple laptops, watches, and tablets. People wait for days in line for the latest Apple product, willing to spend hundreds of dollars at a time to have the most cutting-edge technology. The iPhone changed the phone market forever and is one of the most iconic pieces of tech in history, but there are a couple of bugs in the system that can leave us frustrated. Especially the feared black screen when trying to use the camera, but luckily we have a few quick fixes!

Turn it off and on again

Pretty much a failsafe method to ensure your camera app will work once again. You’ll have to restart your iPhone, which can take several moments, causing frustration if you are trying to take a quick snap as you might miss the opportunity. If you’ve never restarted your iPhone all you have to do is hold the power button for several seconds, then move the slider as instructed on the screen to turn off the iPhone. After a few moments hold the power button once more to turn it back on.

Close the app

There is a really simple method that almost seems too good to be true. It’s basically the classic turn it off and on again, but without having to turn your entire phone off, saving you time and hopefully not ruining the moment you’re trying to capture. Try forcing the app to close itself by double tapping your home button and swiping the camera app up to the top of the screen. This will stop your phone running the app in the background, and the next time you go into the camera app, it’ll be restarted.

Turn off VoiceOver

This is a surprising problem that several people have reported. Some iPhone users have been having issues with the black screen on the camera app when the VoiceOver function is enabled causing the iOS to glitch occasionally. You can turn this voiceover feature off by going to Settings, General, Accessibility, then turn off VoiceOver. Give it a moment and open up the camera app once more.

Switch the camera orientation

Sometimes when you open the camera app there is a straightforward hack to wake it up again. All you’ll need to do is to tap the switch camera button, which makes the app have to do something instead of staying unresponsive in limbo. Once you’ve switched the camera, just change it back and you should find you are no longer greeted with the black screen when you try and take a picture.

Reset your settings

You might have to completely reset all of your saved settings as something that has changed might be causing the camera app to stop working. To do this, you’ll need to go to Settings, then go to the General category, find the Reset button near the bottom and choose to Reset All Settings. That should fix the camera issue, but if it doesn’t, then you can do a factory reset on the iPhone which should restore everything on your iPhone back to when it was brand new. To do this, you follow a similar path to resetting the settings. Once again, go to your Settings, then to the General section and hit the Reset button. Now you’ll need to choose the Erase All Content and Settings option to restore your iPhone back to its original state.

There are a few tricks you can try to get your iPhone camera app up and running once more. You don’t have to buy a new device, simply try these methods and you should be back to happily snapping the world around you once more.