Great foreign cinemas around the world

Going to the movies is an experience we all look forward to, especially as it’s a chance to unwind and shut off for a couple hours. Yes, going to the movies can be expensive, and they should make it cheaper, but, it’s also a great experience to have. For film lovers across the world, there’s a certain excitement and anticipation that comes with getting ready to go to the movies.

And, it’s not just back home that we feel like this – people from all across the world love to visit the cinema in their spare time. With movie theaters evolving every year, it’s easy to see why they have become so popular. So, what are some of the best foreign cinemas out there? Well, that’s something that’s up for debate, but, we have a few ideas…

Great foreign cinemas around the world

Olympia Music Hall – France

Okay, picture this, you get to watch a brand new blockbuster, without ever having to get out of bed, and we’re not talking about staying in your room and watching one. The Olympia Music Hall in France is one of the most stunning foreign cinemas we’ve seen. There is a huge emphasis on comfort here, and we are very jealous of the people of Paris, who get to visit this cinema every week! Though, as a drawback, we might find it too comfy that we’d fall asleep and miss the movie.

Kino International – Germany

This is a movie theater with a pretty remarkable and striking design, one left over from the socialism days of Germany. The building cannot be altered, and this lends to the myth and appeal of it. Not to mention the fact that it has a strong list of movies, and holds festivals here too. With incredible heritage status, this is one of the defining buildings in Berlin, as well as one of the finest movie theaters in the world.

Urania National Film Theater – Hungary

One of the most elegant movie theaters we’ve ever seen, this one looks as though it is a concert hall. Full of opulent decor, a grand, retro design, and fabulous use of color, this is the sort of cinema that just takes your breath away when you enter. It feels like you’re going to a much more upmarket event than simply watching a movie. You’ll feel glamorous and elegant, and it has so much more character and personality than many of the boring chain cinemas out there.

Pula Arena – Croatia

This stunning cinema is located in a traditional Roman amphitheater – and the only remaining one to have four side towers. This takes the concept of outdoor movies to a whole new level, as you sit in chairs above the ground gladiators trod during the height of the Roman Empire. This is a stunningly beautiful movie theater, not to mention the fact that it is also one of the great tourist attractions of Croatia. Make sure you check out tickets online and sort out a reservation to avoid disappointment.

Great foreign cinemas around the world

These are just some of the truly stunning cinemas from across the world that we think define the perfect movie experience. When you go to the movies, you want to get immersed in the moment to really enjoy the film as much as you possibly can. And, choosing the right movie theater in which to see your film is the best way of getting that great experience.We feel like these are the movies that allow you to do that the most effectively.