The most famous movie critics

Film critics have the absolute best job in the world, are we right?! Movies lovers everywhere have spent their lives dreaming about what it would be like to be a movie critic. Just think, you get paid to watch loads of movies and say exactly what you think about them. Whether it’s via radio, or print, you can give your opinion, and, if a movie really is dreadful, you can rip into it!

There are few more satisfying feelings in the world than being able to discuss a movie you love or hate, and this is the big appeal of becoming a movie critic. There are some movie critics out there who are so eloquent, so gifted at their roles, that they have become minor celebrities in their own right. Here is a list of some of the most famous film critics – people we could listen to talk about movies all day long.

Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert might be the most recognizable name in the world of modern film critics. Up until his death in 2013, Ebert was well-known for his work with Gene Siskel, and their critically acclaimed “At The Movies.” Their famous ‘thumbs up, thumbs down’ trademark for movies is still enjoyed today. Ebert, a respected academic and film critic, had such a way of getting to the heart of what rocked or sucked about a movie and absolutely nailing it.

The most famous movie critics

Pauline Kael

Perhaps the finest film critic of all time, Pauline was the one who started it all. With a unique style, eclectic taste, and encyclopedic knowledge, Kael set the benchmark for the modern critic. Her influence continues to be felt today, and she let her own personal tastes and views shine through. This gave her work a much more authentic and personal feel and endeared her to millions of film fans all across the world.

Dana Stevens

The thing we love about Dana is how she says what she thinks, and doesn’t give a jot what anyone else thinks. This is a lady who is not afraid to like something unusual and has many a guilty pleasure film. While hating on a lot of movies that were universally praised, such as Django Unchained, she also lauded many underground or independent flicks. If you want a breath of fresh air and a unique perspective, go to Dana.

Kim Newman

Widely regarded as one of the most knowledgeable and respected film critics in the world, Kim Newman has written for a variety of esteemed movie publications, including Empire Magazine, and Sight and Sound. While many critics deride or downplay horror flicks, Newman revels in them and is the go-to critic for horror buffs out there. Found some weird, under-the-radar Italian splatter-horror flick from the ‘70s, and want to know if it’s any good? Kim’s your guy.

The most famous movie critics

Look, there are plenty of other names we could include on this list as well, such as Gene Siskel, and Mark Kermode. But, we feel like these guys rank among the best in the business, and their influence and impact continue to be felt to this day.