Stars who were fired for the oddest reasons

Employees lose their jobs every year. In most occasions, an employer has a pretty good reason to terminate an employee. But in other circumstances, employers simply axe their employees for really ridiculous reasons. Everyone runs the risk of getting fired, including the rich and famous. In this article, we list some celebrities who got the sack for reasons that might make you scratch your head. Here are some renowned stars who were fired for the oddest reasons.

Damon Wayans (Saturday Night Live)

Nearly all of Damon Wayans’ siblings have made it in the Hollywood industry. When Wayans was a struggling comedian back in the 1980s, he took a job on Saturday Night Live, replacing Eddie Murphy who had ventured into bigger and better things. He was given a few lines, but the comedian wasn’t satisfied because he wished to be featured in the spotlight as more of a stand-out. However, Lorne Michaels, the hit show’s creator, saw things differently. He unceremoniously denied Wayans the freedom he wanted. During a sketch between a straight cop and a man, Wayans made his own changes and played a flashily man. It turned out to be funny and the audience loved it. However, Lorne Michaels didn’t, and sacked Damon right after the episode.

Stars who were fired for the oddest reasons

After being axed, Damon Wayans created his show In Living Color, where he had the freedom to express his creativity. The show became a huge success. Soon after, other stars like Jamie Foxx and Jim Carrey were brought onboard.

Brett Butler (Grace Under Fire)

Fans of Grace Under Fire were in utter shock to learn that Brett Butler had been struggling with addiction in her personal life. Brett would often exhibit upsetting behavior on the show, which made it almost impossible to perform. In 1998, she was advised to leave after five seasons on the show that was later canceled. After her dismissal, she took some time away from Los Angeles and moved to a small farm in Georgia. While there, she was reported to be living with fifteen animals including chickens and cows. The former Golden Globe nominee would later run out of money in 2011.

She has since made a minor comeback in her formerly glamorous acting career. She has made recurring appearances on a few shows including Anger Management and The Young and the Restless.

Erinn Hayes (Kevin Can Wait)

Fans were dissatisfied to hear about the sacking of Erinn Hayes from the show Kevin Can Wait. Soon after the show’s debut in May, Erinn Hayes won the hearts of many viewers, so when they learned of her departure, some audience went as far as boycotting the show. The network received plenty of reactions from viewers demanding to know why Erinn was axed. In response, CBC issued a statement which simply said, “We are taking a new creative direction,” and that the decision to release Erinn had nothing to do with her performance. We later discovered that she would be replaced by Leah Remini, who is known for the show Kings of Queens. This didn’t go over well with the fans – many believed the show was taking the direction of a Kings of Queens remake, which no one asked for.

Stars who were fired for the oddest reasons

Erinn Hayes took to Twitter to reveal her departure from the show. She also thanked her fans for their immense support throughout the show.