Reboots that are worth watching, and which ones to stay away from

There are many TV shows and movies from the past that really connected with audiences. They perfectly captured the mood of the time and audiences fell in love with many of the stories and characters. Unfortunately, some of our favorite shows and movies can’t keep creating new material and inevitably stop being produced. After some years, production studios pick up these older shows and movies and reboot them trying to bring them to a new audience. Sometimes they will work, and people love them, other times they are best avoided as they can ruin any fond memories you had of your favorite show or movie.

The Mummy (2017) – Avoid

The 1999 Mummy take of the classic monster tale was full of witty quips and by the seat of your pants action sequences. The characters were lovable, and the sets were fun and incredible to look at. Cut to the 2017 reboot of The Mummy franchise, and you get a very different movie. Of course, this was intentional as the studio are trying to launch a Dark Universe containing a plethora of movie monsters, but it missed the mark. Casting Tom Cruise brought plenty of eyes to the project, but it lacks the big thrills that many people would associate with a Cruise blockbuster.

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) – Watch

Fans of the original Mad Max dystopian action franchise had to wait 30 years for another film to hit movie theatres. With so much time between 1985 and 2015 audiences might have worried Fury Road would fall flat on its face. They didn’t have to worry for long once they sat down with their popcorn to watch George Miller’s reboot. From the get-go, this film straps you in for one high-octane trip and will leave you breathless by the end. It perfectly recaptures the steampunk-esque theme of the original movies and audiences won’t mind that Max is no longer played by Mel Gibson.

MacGyver (2016 – present) – Avoid

The original run of TV action MacGyver was a hit with fans between 1988 and 1992. Angus MacGyver would get himself into trouble and then have to use his ingenuity to find a way to escape the danger. He would never be without his trusty Swiss Army Knife and a roll of duct tape. Thanks to the popularity of the show, the word “MacGyver” made its way into colloquial language, and if you “MacGyver” a problem then you’ve found a crafty solution to your problem. Cut to 2016 and the reboot is not thought of so fondly. Critics cite a lack of convincing script and blunt performances by lead actor Lucas Till as reasons why it is one to avoid. The premise of the show, crafting creative solutions, is lost and are only explained in voiceovers by MacGyver. The lack of imagination is directly opposing to the entire of concept of creating something from nothing.

The Tick (2016 – present) – Watch

Amazon Video’s comic superhero action series The Tick is a live-action reboot from the early ‘90s. This 2016 reboot mixes slapstick comic book violence with real wit and charm and is a must watch for any fans of the original cartoon. It successfully brings likable characters to audiences with plenty of tongue-in-cheek laughs combined with authentic looking action sequences. Fans of the Adam West Batman TV series will love this Amazon Video show as it brings a lot of the camp acting and action from that into the 21st century.


The fans who helped these original series and movie become hits will have taken a deep breath before watching these reboots. It can be hit or miss when a studio decides to reboot a series, and there is a great risk they won’t be able to recapture the feeling of the original. Those were reboots that widely missed the mark or, thankfully for the fans, hit the nail firmly on the head.