Questions about the Avengers that Captain Marvel answered

Captain Marvel has recently blown Marvel fans away, introducing the oldest and newest Avenger into our lives. She has no idea either, at least we assume she doesn’t, that the Avenger’s program even exists until the Avengers: Endgame trailer when she’s introduced to Thor. However, while Captain Marvel left us with burning questions we can’t wait to have answered, the movie also answered a whole lot too. Here’s what we found:

Fury’s eye patch

C’mon, you’ve been secretly asking that question ever since his Iron Man debut, how on earth did that happen? With all the wild stories, that he will never confirm nor deny, creators had painted a wild picture of some heroic or terrifying tale that caused Fury to lose his eye when, it turns out, it was a silly little ‘cat’ scratch. Okay, okay, so the cat, Goose, is actually a powerful creature called a Flerken, but’s it’s still kinda funny. Goose soon became a fan favorite even if he did ruin fury’s eye and many hope to see him in the new Endgame movie. It did also give Fury a super mysterious look with some crazy rumors following it.

Nick Fury

Why Fury hadn’t called upon her before

Many fans have been rightly curious as to why Fury never used it before when the world was being destroyed the first few times, surely he had no idea that they would win for sure? Well, we have no way of knowing that he didn’t try, there’s a good chance she couldn’t respond, you never know, she might have been imprisoned somehow, and this was the soonest she could reach him. We’re not sure exactly how soon after she received the message that she managed to turn up. Some have speculated that it could have been years.

Spoilers debunked

So, the world practically went mad when they thought Samuel L. Jackon had given away a massive spoiler for Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame, with many media outlets assuming it was fact. With the release of Captain Marvel, fans can safely calm themselves that a massive plot point has just been spoiled. It’s just a bit of Nick Fury banter, having a laugh with a collected bunch of people. This doesn’t rule it out completely though, many have speculated that time travel will be the main component that helps fix everything Thanos has caused with the ‘snap.’ After all, Doctor Strange did see the future before willingly handing the time stone over to Thanos.

It explains what Captain Marvel’s been up to

Fans that astutely worked out what the emblem meant on Fury’s pager, then asked the question, where has she been all this time? Well, it stands to reason that she had no idea that this was all going down while she was fighting another war front. She becomes personally involved in a war between the Kree and the Skrulls, personally preventing the enslavement and genocide of an entire alien race. That’s a pretty fair reason.

Captain Marvel

Now, we’re not far from Avengers: Endgame, where absolutely, hopefully, everything will be answered, and we can all rest easy knowing everything is going to be okay.