The reason Spider-Man has always been a fan favorite

We’ve all gotten into a debate about which superhero is the best. Sure, there are many characters in the comic world as well as on the big screen including Deadpool, Batman, Iron Man, Superman… you name them.

But when it comes to the greatest comic book heroes, no superhero is as great as Spider-Man. Your friendly neighborhood web-slinger is amazing, sensational, spectacular, and superior. Here’s the reason Spider-Man has always been a fan favorite.

He has a sense of humor

There’s no doubt that Spider-Man is the funniest superhero in the comic world. The likes of Batman, Wolverine, and Superman seem to be dead serious almost all the time. Spider-Man, Iron Man, and The Flash are the only funny ones among the most popular superheroes.

The reason Spider-Man has always been a fan favorite

Spider-Man is a breath of fresh air as he frequently throws wisecracks and puns at his rivals between punches. His humor comes out of his natural love of being silly. He finds humor even when his life is in danger.

He’s relatable

Iron Man and Batman are billionaires, Hulk is a monster with unbelievable strength, Thor is a god, Superman is an alien, and so forth. Spider-Man, on the other hand, is unique and relatable to humans. He’s an average youngster who wasn’t destined for greatness from birth.

Spider-Man rose to the occasion when a great responsibility fell into his lap. Spider-Man has to face real-life drama while dealing with insecurities and anxiety that come with it.

He has an iconic origin story

All superheroes have a backstory, and Spider-Man’s is the most famous one for all the right reasons. Peter Parker was a normal child who was raised by his Uncle Ben and Aunt May. A radioactive spider bit him thus granting him superpowers.

The reason Spider-Man has always been a fan favorite

Initially, Spider-Man used those powers to generate profit as a wrestler until the demise of his beloved Uncle Ben. Ben’s death was a result of Spider-Man’s failure to hinder a crime committed against someone who offended him. Uncle Ben used to tell Peter that with great power comes great responsibility. Spider-Man was inspired by Uncle Ben’s words to become a hero.

The backstory of most superheroes is only an excuse, but Spider-Man’s backstory explains why he truly is the way he is today.

His powers aren’t exaggerated and he’s intelligent

Spider-Man is undoubtedly powerful, but not too strong. The biggest problem with The Hulk and Superman is that they’re too powerful. Spider-Man isn’t as powerful as them, even though he’s fast and strong. His intelligence ultimately sets him apart from all these other superheroes.

Spider-Man remains one of the smartest heroes the comic world has ever seen. Given his sense of humor, it’s easy to forget the fact that the guy’s IQ is 250. He’s so intelligent that his tech startup made him a millionaire.

Spider-Man is a fast thinker. He’s known to challenge his smartest foes, who always upgrade their own arsenals. His intelligence allows him to locate their weakness and exploit them with ease. He also quickly figures out if his foes are too powerful, and comes with a new strategy that will turn the tide in his favor.