Geeks are the new jocks?

Did you know there’s really not such a big difference between geeks and jocks? Often, we tend to see them in opposition to each other, but in reality, they have a whole lot in common. Contrary to what you may have thought in high school, geeks are the new jocks, and here’s why there should be no such stereotypes.

They both love spending time with friends

We’ve always been wrong in branding geeks as people who aren’t social. Geeks love getting together at their various favorite places including movie screenings, comic-book stores, and conventions. Jocks too love getting together, albeit their favorite joints include Super Bowl parties, sports bars, and tailgates.

Whether you’re a geek or a jock, you’re likely to meet someone you’ve never seen before if you attend these events. You’re bound to have an interesting conversation together about something you’re both passionate about. And that’s hands down a cool (and often rare) experience.

Why geeks are the new jocks

They both engage in fantasy

Both geeks and jocks enjoy the worlds they love, and often pretend to be an integral part of it. Geeks love immersing themselves in role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons, whilst jocks enjoy partaking in fantasy football, hockey, basketball, and more. It’s even simpler than that for young kids.

Kids enjoy pretending to be Superman flying around their home. Or, they pretend that they have just hit a home run in the World Series. Both geeks and jocks allow their minds to wander.

They both like facts and data

By definition, a geek is a person who has an eccentric commitment to a given interest. Such interests are typically non-mainstream, and comprise things like science fiction, video games, fantasy, computers, and comic books. Geeks put in a lot of time to understand all of the details revolving around their interests.

For instance, a geek might strive to know all of the plots from Batman, or be constantly optimizing their computer just for added delight. Furthermore, geeks often engage in intellectual debates or discussions concerning who would emerge a winner in a fight — Han Solo or Captain Kirk?

Many folks consider jocks to be naturally not so smart. This is not the case. In reality, jocks are inclined to facts and data as much as geeks are. Jocks enjoy learning plenty of information regarding sports, whether as an athlete or a fan. The key to understanding football, baseball, and basketball is to learn net yards per passing attempt, rebounds per game, and batting averages.

Additionally, jocks strive to learn every detail concerning an athlete’s career, as well as the rise and fall of a team. They fancy engaging in hypothetical crossover debates such as who would win in a match based on a team’s winning history and current form.

Why geeks are the new jocks

They both like to dress up

There’s no doubt that ardent geeks and jocks love playing dress up. Whereas jocks call this game day, geeks call it cosplay. You’ll find a geek wearing a simple cosplay such as a Captain America t-shirt or an elaborate one that involves creating a Legend of Zelda character.

Similarly, jocks love wearing their favorite jersey on game day. You’ll even find some enthusiastic members completely painting their bodies to match their team’s colors. Geeks and jocks do this to serve the same purpose – publicly showing commitment to something that amuses them and makes them feel good.