5 signs that you are smarter than you think

Identifying the most powerful or influential person both in social and business settings is easy. More often than not, influential people carry the fanciest titles and people around them seek their approval.

But how can you determine if someone is smart? The most intelligent people are often not the most powerful ones, and vice versa. There is a way to figure it out, however. If you have the following traits, scientific research and surveys say you’re one of the smartest people in your class.

1. You spend most of your time learning new things

Science says that intelligent folks spend a significant amount of time learning and educating themselves on various subjects. Smart people strive to maintain their intelligence on an ongoing basis. Apparently, smartness and intelligence are earned through hard work.

2. You are brutally honest about what you don’t know

Some people pretend to know it all, and that’s a trap that most individuals fall under as they try to pretend that they understand everything even if they don’t. Fools tend to nod their heads meaninglessly, especially because they hate appearing uninformed or unknowing.

5 signs that you are smarter than you think

On the other hand, intelligent people go straight to the point and ask questions to get a clear understanding of the topic of discussion. Smart people don’t care what others perceive of them. All they care about is learning and catching up to ensure they have a solid understanding of the basics.

3. You talk less and think more

Often, effort is misdirected when it comes to problem solving. Smart people don’t spend their precious time analyzing the problem at hand. Instead, they spend all their time and energy thinking about possible solutions to the problems.

Brainstorming about solutions to the problems at hand gives you the energy to keep trying. But if you talk about a problem without analyzing the possible solutions, you’re simply sucking the energy out of your life.

4. You trust your intuition

People who believe in their own ideas are considered smarter and more competent than their counterparts who facilitate and never push forward. Smart people really trust their guts and aren’t afraid to let people know it.

Being transparent concerning your intuition is influential and takes certain courage. Intuition often works better than you would expect. Studies have proven that instincts are as fundamental to our work as a straightforward strategy.

5 signs that you are smarter than you think

5. You let actions speak for themselves

Smart people are never boastful compared to their less intelligent equivalents. What intelligent people do is let their results talk on their behalf. And yes, humility goes hand in hand with brilliance, unlike constant self-promotion that is common in the modern work environment.

Smart people talk to their hearts in silence, in what is known as interior monologue. They think things like, “I want to do something great, something that would create an impact on people’s lives and possibly improve their livelihoods.” If you happen to be talking to yourself in silence and have the traits highlighted above, then you know that you’re one of the smartest people in your class.