What comics should you read if you want to get into Marvel

So, you’ve absolutely engrossed yourself into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but you want to discover the stories in their raw form. The only problem is, you have no idea where you should start. And why should you, after all, when you google any of the comic books, everything seems different and confusing, Why is Captain Marvel a man and Ms. Marvel a woman? What’s going on here? Don’t worry, you don’t even have to dive deep into the beginnings to understand the world. It’s a bit like watching Star Trek: Enterprise without watching the original; perfectly acceptable and actively encouraged. So here are some of the comics you should read if you want to get into Marvel.

What comics should you read if you want to get into Marvel

Marvel Now 1.0

These are made up of a variety of comics, but is a perfect starting place for new comic book fans. They bring forward a modern age of comics that gives a natural starting point for any MCU fan. They have clearly-labeled issues that make it simple to understand that whatever you’re getting is the first in the series for that character. For example, instead of traipsing the history of the old Captain Marvel, and identifying the various characters that adopt the moniker, you can skip to Marvel Now! And see the character as you know her today. You can do this with a whole host, just take a look on the specific website.

Astonishing X-Men Volumes 1 and 2

Of course, the MCU doesn’t feature the X-Men, as they have a movie franchise of their own. However, getting into their world via comic book is a whole new ball game. While you’ll have a vague understanding of the characters from the movies, the comics are so well intertwined you will be opened up to an even more expanded universe. By starting here, you’re also enjoying a more modern-era X-Men story that links in well with the later Marvel comics.

The Ultimates Volumes 1 and 2

While many people loved comic books for their fun and tongue-in-cheek references, ‘The Ultimates’ saw the Avengers transformed into something more gritty and modern. Fans have explained that the difference in the comics from old to new is that the ‘Ultimates’ feel far more adult-oriented, with darker tones threading throughout the stories. It really helps to appeal to an older age group and keep the stories current.

Avengers Vs. X-Men

Once you see how the Avengers and the X-Men share a universe, it only makes sense that the two have some kind of conflict, right? Well, if you’ve ever wondered how these heroes measure up against each other, then this is your most prime opportunity to find out. This conflict really turns some superheroes’ characters on their heads, showing a totally different side to them. It forces fans to choose a side, which can be tough when you’re a massive fan of both competing forces.

What comics should you read if you want to get into Marvel

New Avengers Volume 1

If you want to have a glimpse into what the future of the Avengers could have looked like within the MCU, then take a look at the New Avengers comic series. This is following the disassembly of the original Avengers team, save for a few of the fan favorites.

Once you have started with these, you will be well on your way to navigating yourself around the comic book universe. You will be able to decide whether you want to delve further back in time or focus on the more recent publications.