These movies will make you excited for college

The many different movies about college tickle many emotions in all of us. They make you remember the funny, the romantic, the infuriating, the end of the world, and many more emotions everyone associates with college. A lot of them exaggerate a wee bit (ok, maybe a little more) about the finer points but they do get the basics right. If you’re getting ready to start college or you’re returning after a break, these movies are a must watch because they will tickle your funny bone as well as make you excited to return to college.

Revenge of the Nerds

This movie is all about the underdog, or in this case, the underdogs. It’s about campus misfits who are bullied by the jocks and similar popular cliques. This is a story about the misfits who fight to take back their self-respect. It’s a coming of age film in which the group must decide whether they are going to continue with the hand life has dealt them or fight back. Today, this movie is accurate more than ever, as nerd is now considered a good thing in the world of internet and technology.

Mona Lisa Smile

Julia Roberts plays in one of her most elegant role as Katherine Watson in Mona Lisa Smile. Katherine teaches an art history class at Wellesley College in 1953. In the film, Katherine challenges the beliefs of her students who believe that finding a man at Harvard is the most important part of their time at Harvard. College is all about challenging the pre-conceived notions of your life. Many people go to college green and come out pink. Mona Lisa Smile is a must watch for every college student.

Pitch Perfect

College is a time of extreme competition, both inside and outside the classroom. Many people head on the road to college because college is a way for them to take their dreams to the next level. Pitch Perfect is about the Bellas, a group of acapella singers who take their extracurricular activities much more seriously than their time in class. This movie brought back to the limelight the world of acapella singers and singing competitions in college, which became a craze these days!


If you are a musician, then this movie is for you. Whiplash will make you think about what hard work really is. Contrary to many other college movies, Whiplash is about students who don’t have time to prank their brothers or sisters. People who look at college as a stepping stone to greatness will resonate with Whiplash’s message.

The Social Network

The movie that brought Jesse Eisenberg to the central stage. The Social Network tells the story of Mark Zuckerberg’s rise to fame. It is an Oscar-winning story about the creation of Facebook with all of its legal drama, which was instigated by a fellow student who claimed Zuckerberg stole his idea.

We hope that one of this great titles got you excited about going to college, which is supposed to be the best time of your life.