Best Twilight Zone episodes

It’s not every day that a remake is announced. Well, it probably is, but it’s not every day it’s practically a cult classic. It has recently been announced that the Twilight Zone is having a 2019 remake, and it has everyone talking. Of course, this is not the first time this has happened and will be the third revival of the original series. So what makes this one any different? After the second revival failed according to critics, they probably put a lot more into making this one more successful. However, what have been the best twilight zone episodes to date?

Rod Serling, Twilight Zone creator

Living Doll – Season 5, Episode 6

While this season doesn’t feature the stereotypical Twilight Zone twist, it is a great episode, full of fear and suspense. This episode does, however, feature the terrifying living doll called talking Tina. While there have been many worrying stories about scary living dolls bent on ending the lives of the people closest to them; talking Tina is no exception. The stepfather tries to solve the problem but comes unstuck along the way.

Five Characters in search of an exit – Season 3, Episode 14

This episode probably has one of the craziest twists in the whole series, depending on who you ask. But this premise is based off some people’s deepest fears of being stuck somewhere forever. While the unlikely crew has to find an exit, they are faced with some pretty serious challenges along the way. Of course, there’s never any knowing what’s going to happen next — pretty scary stuff.

Twenty Two – Season 2, Episode 17

This episode has a very eerily suggestive feel to it, a woman is hospitalized and keeps having dreams that seem to be prophetic in some way. It follows a character called Liz who has dreams of the hospital morgue which is in room 22. Of course, she should have no knowledge of which room the morgue is. Later, when she is discharged, she ends up on flight 22. This may be an episode that will put you off your next flight, so if you have an upcoming vacation, you may want to put watching this one off.

The monsters are due on maple street – Season 1, Episode 22

Often the Twilight Zone episodes have a moral that comes round to surprise us at the end and makes a poignant point. This episode highlights the realities of instinctual human nature by showing how quickly people will turn on the people around them; in this case the neighbors. This carries a theme that Stephen King possible used for his Needful Things novel. An extraterrestrial being comes and causes havoc. You never know, your neighbor could be from outer space.

The monsters are due on maple street

A game of pool – Season 3, Episode 5

Critics have hailed this as one of the best performances in TV history. It plays on how some people have a need to be the best, and the fight to get there. It shows ambition in people and their hang-ups in getting there. In this episode, it is shown in the form of a pool game. Give it a go if you haven’t already.

Everyone will have their own favorite episode, but there will be even more to choose from when the new series is released.