Untangling the timeline for Disney +’s upcoming show Loki

So, most people now know that they should be expecting to see Loki back on their screens. Of course, following the events of Avengers: Endgame, people know that their beloved Loki is, in fact, not with us anymore. However, that’s also not entirely true, since there is another Loki from this renewed timeline. It all sounds a little bit overly confusing, but honestly, it’s not as bad as it sounds. Yet, at least.

Exploring the character

Anyone who has seen anything with Loki has in it, which if you’re here, we’re guessing you have, knows that he is an incredibly multi-faceted character. However, the character we knew in ‘Avengers: Infinity War,’ which is where we last saw him, was very different in comparison to the Loki we all knew in the first Avengers movie. The character had undergone quite a radical change that contributed to his attitudes toward the Avengers and other people. However, this new Loki is not quite as merciful, or so we assume.

Untangling the timeline for Disney +’s upcoming show Loki

Hiddleston gives his two cents

In fact, it sounds as if we might be onto something. Kevin Fiege has confirmed that all the questions about the ‘Avengers: Endgame‘ ‘Loki’s whereabouts are about to be confirmed, and it will be wrapped up in the gift of an awesome series. It’s been fortunate that many of these actors already cross between series and movies, such as Tom Hiddleston who has also starred in ‘The Night Manager,’ or have been willing to change for the sake of Marvel. Tom Hiddleston has also given his knowledge of what he thinks the character is going to be like, claiming he’s more like the guy in ‘Avengers’ and has a lot of evolving to do. Remember, he hasn’t experienced his ‘hulk smash’ trauma. Maybe that means we will get to relive it?

Be open-minded

Unfortunately, that does mean we have to mourn the loss of the Loki we all knew and had come to love, despite his many flaws as a good guy. After all, he is the ‘God of Mischief.’ Now we know that the Loki we’ll be following has no memories at all of everything since the first ‘Avengers’ movie, it does mean fans will have to wrap their minds around this universe of Avengers having known two different Lokis.

The timelines

Since the Avengers have messed around with the timeline, it does mean fans are going to have to untangle the mess that is now the MCU timeline. However, it’s easier for now if you just imagine that they wound the clocks back and then jumped back into their future, and they’re the only ones with the memory of it. This means that, as a technicality, it’s the same Loki, just less experienced. Now, then, what we’re watching is just an alternative future to the first ‘Avengers’ movie.

Untangling the timeline for Disney +’s upcoming show Loki

It’s coming soon

Thankfully, no one will have to wait for very long to discover more about the series, although we do all have to wait for the full launch of Disney’s streaming service ‘Disney +.’ The date that has currently been set is spring 2021, and in the meantime, there is plenty of released to enjoy. On the bright side, at least their not rushing it through.

In the end, Loki was a well-beloved character, but some people had to be permanently affected by ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ and ‘Avengers: Endgame.’ However, not all is lost, we just have to wait until 2021, and we get to see him again, ready for a whole lot more mischief.