Game of Thrones theories that turned out to be true

Years before the TV show even aired fans of the fantasy series have been trying to predict what would happen in the end. The book fans and show fans have gotten their answer, but George R. R. Martin might yet change the books ending from the show’s. People poured hours into this iconic fantasy story, and here are the theories that turned out to be true now that the show has come to an end.


Ever since we learned that The Hound survived his fight with Brienne, he seemed pretty determined to live for one reason. There was no better theory than his sole purpose in life now was to take out his horrible big brother, The Mountain. It was an epic showdown, and both brothers eventually plunged into the dragonfire as The Hound finally got to end his sibling’s life.

Game of Thrones theories that turned out to be true

The Wall comes tumbling down

It was thought that with so many references to the fact this wall at the edge of the Earth had stood for so long, it was inevitably coming down. That was very much the case in the end as one of Dany’s dragons fell victim to the Night King’s amazing javelin skills. Now the Night King could finally pass through The Wall after he smashed a big hole in it with his icy dragon.

Zombie Jon Snow

Game of Thrones has never been afraid to lose some of its stars, RIP Ned, and we all thought Jon Snow was done for after he was attacked. His Night’s Watch brothers didn’t like the way he was introducing wildings into their castles, even though Jon was trying to protect them from the Night King.

It was a big season finale where Snow was laying in a pool of his own blood, and for months fans speculated whether he was alive or not. People were even investigating the length of Kit Harington’s hair and deducing that because he hadn’t cut it, he was still playing Jon. Those theories were right, and thanks to Melisandre, we all got our favorite Northman back.

Dany following in her father’s footsteps

Things were only really likely to go one of two ways for Daenerys if she was to take the Iron Throne. Either she would be a fair an just ruler, or she would crack just like her father did. For the longest time, it seemed as though she was going to be the person to break the wheel of tyranny in Westeros.

Fans thought she might have more of the ‘Mad King’ in her than it seemed and there were a few hints along the way it would all end in flames. The theory came to a head in the penultimate episode where Daenerys couldn’t help herself, and she burned everyone in King’s Landing.

Game of Thrones theories that turned out to be true

Jon’s parentage

It was all a bit too suspicious that Jon Snow was the son of some woman that Ned Stark slept with. Ned was the most honorable man in all of Westeros, and there was no way he was going to be unfaithful to Catelyn. In the end, people began to suspect that Jon really was the hero of the story and if he was going to be the hero, he wasn’t going to be a ‘Snow.’

People began speculating that he was actually highborn and when Bran watched his father defeat Ser Arthur Dayne, Jon’s parentage was a hot topic. As it turned out, he was the rightful heir to the Iron Throne but ended up exiled with the Night’s Watch, though it looks like he won’t be taking the black.

These were the theories that fans were hoping would come true, and in the end, they did. We had to wait right up until the final season for some of them to come true, but we feel like they were worth the wait.