Everything know about the Game of Thrones spin-offs

HBO’s Game of Thrones finally wrapped up it’s eighth and last season last month, after eight years in production. The first episode was released in April 2011 and May 19th 2019 marked the end of the fight for the Iron throne. The TV show garnered a legion of fans along the years, some right from the start of the first season and many more others along the way. It received much acclaim, and fans were sad to see the thrilling adventure come to an end. However, maybe they do have something to smile about again as there seems to be some Game of Thrones spin offs in the works.

These are expected to give the fans more from the world that GoT came from, Westeros, and other related settings. While they may not necessarily get to see their favorite GoT characters and actors in these spin offs, they should certainly get ready for another wild ride because for one, they are adaptation of Martin’s works, and a Song of Ice and Fire was able to impress as the source of GoT. We’ll let you know everything we know about the Game of Thrones spin offs so far so you can get ready.

Everything know about the Game of Thrones spin-offs

What Does HBO has to say about it?

HBO themselves have confirmed that they do have a spin-off in the plans, and George RR Martin confirmed there being five scripts that they were working on. What this means is that there’s possibility of there being more than one GoT spin-offs in development.

Game of Thrones was a great show, easily the greatest of the 2010s, and any spin-off should be able to reach that level of quality and even, as unbelievable as it may sound, surpass it. HBO knows this, as HBO overseer Bob Greenblatt was once quoted saying, “But we have to be really thoughtful about not killing the golden goose and not putting on shows that aren’t up to that quality level, and how many is too many.”

The Game of Thrones Universe is simply one of a kind, and fans are excited to see if any spin-offs come close to that.

Get ready for prequels

According to George RR Martin, the developing spin-offs are all prequels. He further went ahead to note that some of them may not be set in Westeros. In fact, the stories are expected to happen thousands of years before the events we saw in Game of Thrones. Martin insists that Game of Thrones certainly didn’t exhaust all the stories to be told of Westeros and the lands beyond.

So, when can you expect this eagerly awaited spin-off to air?

HBO in 2017 mentioned that there would be at least a period of a year between the end of Game of Thrones and the release of the first spin-off. The main focus back then was getting to wrap up GoT but now that it’s finally out of the way, you can expect the spin-offs anytime starting 2020.

Everything know about the Game of Thrones spin-offs


Since we’ll not be seeing our favorite Game of Thrones House Lords and Ladies in the spin-off, who will we have instead? For one of the confirmed spin-offs, the cast already in place includes Naomi Watts who’s playing a lead role, Josh Whitehouse who also has a major role, Naomi Ackie, Jamie Campbell Bower, Georgie Henley and Sheila Atim.