The most disappointing series finales of all time

Some of us can spend years invested in our favorite TV show. The end of a show can often feel as though we’ve lost a loved one. What are we supposed to do now it’s gone? Sadly, the most disappointing series finales of all time left a bitter taste in many people’s mouths instead.


We got to enjoy eight seasons of Dexter as we followed his twisted and complex mind. After all, are you a good or bad guy if your life involves ending bad guys? It seemed as though there was nothing left for Dexter to do but end his own life and stop anyone else from falling victim to his ways. That was until we learned that not everything is as it seemed. Yes, Dexter is now a lumberjack. What else would he do?



It seems as though the only thing that got lost with this show was the plot as many viewers around the world were left scratching their heads when it came to an end. There was a sideways timeline, a confusing island, and many people left wondering what they just watched. While many fans were hoping to get answers to their questions, it seems as though many were actually left with more.


Many fans believe that Scrubs finished at the end of season eight. The episode follows J.D. and his final day at Sacred Heart. A lot of loose ends are tied up, and it looks as though that is that. That’s until season nine. All 13 episode received mixed reviews as there were new characters, a new hospital, and it seemed to lose the charm that many of us had fallen for over the years.

How I Met Your Mother

Although HIMYM spent years building up long and intense storylines, it came crashing down in the final scene. The disappointing series finale ended with Ted not only enjoying his life with the kids’ mom, but he also got to rekindle his romance with Robin in not one, but two fairytale endings. Yup, it turns out you really can rip apart other stories all for the sake of getting what you want in the end.

Two and a Half Men

Two and a Half Men was once one of the most popular shows in the world. That was until Charlie Sheen’s personal life started to get in the way. The actor was fired from the show, who decided to bring in Ashton Kutcher as the lead instead. The final season turned into a battle between Charlie and the show, with the series finale showing Charlie’s character getting crushed by a piano.

Two and a Half Men

Gossip Girl

XOXO – the four letters that kept many of us on the edge of our seats. Who was Gossip Girl? Sadly, not everyone was amused to find out that it had been Humphrey behind the site the entire time. That’s not all. The series finale also featured a flash-forward of the happy go lucky gang all those years later as they settled into their fabulous lives – a far cry from the drama they had lived through for years.

Some shows have it. Others? Their series finales leave a lot to be desired. Although many of these shows had us gripped for many episodes, their final scenes certainly left a lot to the imagination as they have gone down as the most disappointing series finales of all time.