Best college-set TV Shows

Most people who went through college can attest that college life provides all the scenarios that can be scripted and acted to make a good TV show. College life hits people differently. There are those who face it as it is while others choose to bury their heads on the sand on some issues.

Today, there is a wide collection of TV shows that depict everything that goes on in a college set-up. It’s highly likely for you to find all characters you ever interacted with while in college being portrayed in a certain college-set TV show and then it hits you that most of these produced college-set TV Shows actually represent what actually happens in colleges in real life. Here goes a list of some of the most prolific college-set TV shows ever produced:

A Different world

Produced by Bill Cosby, this TV show that happens to be a spinoff from “The Cosby Show” features a lady by the name Denise who starts her college life at Hillman College which has black history. This ‘90s show tackles societal issues like AIDS epidemic and racism which makes it very relatable to real-life issues faced by college students even today.

A Different world

Veronica Mars

This teen drama show starts with a high school set-up with a teenage student who works as private investigator when she is not in school. She later joins college with some of her high school mates. In college, veronica mars investigates the murder case of a close friend and the school dean. This show also does emphasize on other academic challenges that are often faced by college students.


Community is is not your average college-set TV Show based on its characters. The characters find themselves in college for various reasons that are less anything to do with academic achievements. There is a millionaire whose intentions of joining college are to keep himself occupied, a single mother with aspirations of venturing into the world of self-employment, an injured athlete who has to attend a community college after losing his scholarship, a lawyer who lied about having a bachelor’s degree and now has to earn it and finally, a film student with poor socializing skills and who is dangerously obsessed with pop culture. Sounds like an interesting mix.


Running from 1998-2002, Felicity is about a girl who abandoned her Stanford plans and decided to follow her crush to University of New York after graduating from high school. Once in college, she finds that she finally has the freedom of exploring herself in many ways. This was definitely a great show but one that lasted only four seasons.



Coach aired in between 1989 and 1997. It revolved around the life of a football coach in college who later moved with his coaching staff to the NFL. He not only faces the hurdles and conflicts that come with managing a team, but also has the task of re-building a father-daughter relationship with a child he had last seen 16 years ago since going through a divorce. He also has a romantic relationship with a TV news reporter whose major interest was him and nothing to do with sports.