5 things we’d like to see on the new GOT prequel

By now, any and all Game of Thrones fans will have heard the rumor of a possible sequel to the series. Yes, we are also freaking out about it! If the GOT series as a whole is anything to go by, then we already know that the GOT prequel is going to blow us away. Try as we might to figure out the plots and storylines, we will always be left enjoying the twists that we didn’t see coming. Set in a time that long precedes the original GOT story, it will be interesting to see how the past links in with the future that we already know. That being said, here are five things that the fans would like to see on the new Game of Thrones prequel.

The first Brandon Stark

Many references have been made to the great Bran the Builder during the Game of Thrones series. He was a member of the First Men during the Age of Heroes. The man who built Winterfell reigned as the first king in the North. He built The Wall to protect his people from the attacks during the Long Night.

5 things we’d like to see on the new GOT prequel

Beginning of the Night’s Watch

Born out of the need for The Wall to be maintained and protected, the Night’s Watch came to fruition. Serving the Night’s Watch is a lifelong commitment and the only commitment that could ever be made again. What an honor it was to serve The Wall. How did this once prestigious honor become an escape for criminals? Absolving them of their crimes and allowing them to start a new life by serving The Wall for life.

The once-great Valyria

Renowned for taming and using dragons in warfare. The doom of Valyria came in the form of a volcanic event that wiped out the magnificent city and the Valyrian peninsula. Almost all of the world’s dragons were taken out in this event, which means that the prequel could see many more dragons than the GOT series did.

The White Walkers first invasion

The White Walkers play such an important antagonistic role throughout the series. It would be great to find out their origins, how they came to be the enemy, and how they obtained their supernatural abilities. Legend tells us that they played a major role in the Long Night battles.

5 things we’d like to see on the new GOT prequel

Azor Ahai

Speaking of the Long Night battles… forging the fiery Lightbringer sword by tempering it in the heart of his true love, Azor Ahai was the great warrior who ended the Long Night. He is said to be reborn as The Prince That was Promised, although who knows who that could be as Melisandre can’t seem to make up her mind.

It has been officially announced that the prequel to the Game of Thrones series will be released sometime in 2021 (still quite a wait.) Although there is not yet a title for the series, it is already in production. There was a leak of the series possibly being named “The Long Night,” and we think that would be perfect. Familiar settings with a whole new cast and entirely new plots! We can’t wait and neither can the loyal fans. It’s safe to say that 2021 will be buzzing in anticipation of this prequel release.