Terrible scenes that nearly destroyed the entire movie

There’s that moment when you leave the cinema with your friends, and the first thing you speak about is that terrible scene that completely put you off the rest of the film. It happens, the director doesn’t quite nail the whole movie and mistakenly leaves in a scene that should have been left on the cutting room floor. Here are some of those hilarious moments.

The Matrix Reloaded

When the original Matrix film came out, we all left theatres with our mouths on the floor. The film was astonishing to watch, it was groundbreaking, and, in particular, it was remembered for the ‘bullet-time’ action scene. That scene was referenced in many other films; imitation is the sincerest form of flattery they say. One scene from the sequel, The Matrix Reloaded, that did not receive such praise was when Neo set out to battle a truckload of Agent Smiths. The special effects were horrendous and completely removed us all from the action, leaving us with our mouths open again, but not for a good reason this time.

The Dark Knight Rises

Loved by many, Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy was unquestionably a success. One scene doing its best to be a fly in the ointment was the scene from The Dark Knight Rises where Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character reveals his real name is Robin. It seems like a cute appreciation of Batman’s kid sidekick from the comics, but Robin was not his real name. So it leads to confusion when Gordon-Levitt asks the police to search for him using his birth name of Robin. It is meant to act as fan service for the character but ends up leaving us perplexed.

Star Wars: Episode 3

So we know that Jar Jar Binks is hated and almost single-handedly ruined the Star Wars prequel movies. He has multiple scenes though so he can’t be blamed for only one scene spoiling the movie, unlike ultimate villain Darth Vader. That’s right, the biggest, baddest, most notorious baddie the film industry has ever known almost had fans running for the hills. Vader learns that his family has been decimated, the moment that turns him into the killing machine we all knew from the original films. What is really off-putting about this scene is the comical scream of, “Nooooo!” that he lets out, leaving most of us in tears of laughter.

Live Free or Die Hard

We love John McClane, he’s been through a lot throughout the Die Hard movies, infamously taking out villainous Hans Gruber as a particular highlight. McClane has done some crazy things, and, generally, in Hollywood action movies anything goes, but in Live Free or Die Hard we think they went too far. He takes on a fighter jet with a semi-truck, and somehow comes out with the win. This is utterly ridiculous as the aircraft is decimating everything in its path, except the truck somehow. The scene ends with McClane jumping from the truck to the jet in a scene so extraordinary he should start playing the lottery.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Did you know the only things to survive nuclear blasts are cockroaches and refrigerators? Indiana Jones somehow survives a nuclear explosion by hiding in a fridge, like, how is that possible? That is just stupid, and even though the franchise is beloved, this scene almost ruins it all.

Those were some of the movie scenes that distracted us so much we thought they almost ruined the movies they belong to. We wish the directors had someone to point out the comical scenes before they made the final edits, so we didn’t have to witness them.