Tarantino movies ranked, from best to worst

Director Quentin Tarantino is known for his violent and dialogue heavy screenplays. They are always gripping, and his work is considered to be some of the best in Hollywood. Each and every film he releases is hotly anticipated, and he has achieved the level of fame and respect from his peers that he basically can make whatever film he wants. These are his best films that have seen him rise to be one of the biggest film directors in the movie industry.

Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction is the 1994 crime drama that, despite being almost 3 hours long, has you on the edge of your seat the entire time. It features John Travolta, Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson and Uma Thurman as a bunch of interlinked criminals who go on an epic journey by the end of the film. This film is super violent but is equally stylish. It features several iconic scenes including one of the best movie dances between John Travolta and Uma Thurman.

Jackie Brown

Following on from his stylish crime drama Pulp Fiction is another, Jackie Brown. It has a huge list of top acting talents including Robert De Niro, Pam Grier, Michael Keaton, and Samuel L. Jackson, again. Jackie Brown is a flight attendant who smuggles illegal narcotics for Samuel L. Jackson’s character. She is caught in the act and has to be bailed out of jail. Jackie now has to either turn over the criminal she has been working for or face imprisonment. Not happy with either option, she conspires against both and finds a third way to get out of her predicament.

Inglourious Basterds

Tarantino is not afraid to work with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood, and for WWII drama Inglourious Basterds he drafted in Brad Pitt and Michael Fassbender, before projecting German actor Christoph Waltz into superstardom. There are several plots overlapping each other, but mostly they involve taking out the leader of the German Army during the conflict. Again it is filled with intense dialogue, but there is even more jeopardy than usual as the fates of the entire war effort are hung on Tarantino’s re-writing of history.

‘Kill Bill: Vol. 1 and 2’

Taking a break from the violence for a while, Tarantino directed ‘Kill Bill’ which actually featured, even more violence than usual. So no break from the violence! It stars Uma Thurman as The Bride, a trained assassin who was betrayed by her assassin colleagues and leader. She was presumed dead but somehow managed to survive before going on a bloody vendetta to bring down every single person involved in her demise. Her list of people to get revenge on was so long that Tarantino had to spread the bloodlust over two feature-length movies.

From Dusk Till Dawn

Although he didn’t direct this movie, he did write and star in it, so we’re adding it to the list! It is a black comedy horror that seems to start off as some kind of heist movie before it descends into chaos as the protagonists somehow end up in a deadly vampire bar across the Mexican border from America. There is a bit of everything for film buffs, although primarily violence, in this movie starring George Clooney, Harvey Keitel, and Juliette Lewis.

These are our pick of the best Tarantino movies of all time, we couldn’t pick a worst because they’re all great in their own ways. If you’re a huge fan of his films, then be sure to check out his latest release, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, a crime mystery hitting movie theaters next year.