The Goonies actors that became famous

Let’s be honest, The Goonies was one of the favorite films of all our childhoods, right? In fact, many of us still enjoy watching it today, and the movie perfectly captures the imagination and adventure of being a kid. There are not many movies out there that are as universally adored as The Goonies. Richard Donner’s children’s classic is a movie that has endured through the years and is still as magical today as it used to be.

The kids from The Goonies have gone on to have different career paths these days. Some of them have quit acting altogether, while others have gone onto become big stars. You might look at the actors who were in The Goonies and think “Hey, you guys,” what happened?! Well, let’s take a look at some of the actors from The Goonies who have gone on to become pretty famous and have successful careers.

Sean Astin

Sean Astin played the part of Mikey in The Goonies, in one of his earliest roles, but, you probably know him best from other roles. Perhaps Astin’s most famous role is that of Samwise Gamgee in the epic high-fantasy trilogy The Lord of the Rings. Since the movies broke records, Astin has enjoyed limited success in the film world and has turned his attention more to television. In addition to appearing in a key role in the three Middle Earth movies, Astin also guest starred in the fifth season of hit Fox show 24, and can recently be found playing the part of Bob in hit Netflix show Stranger Things.

Josh Brolin

Josh Brolin played Brandon, the older brother of Mikey, in The Goonies, and it was his first movie. Since then Brolin has gone on top have a very successful film career in Hollywood, even garnering an Academy Award nomination in the process, for his role in the movie Milk. Brolin, son of Hollywood icon James Brolin, has had a varied career, but it is best known for roles in American Gangster, W., and his work with The Coen Brothers. Most recently, Brolin has featured as protagonist Thanos in some of the Marvel movies, a role which will get much larger in the upcoming Infinity War films.

Corey Feldman

Perhaps the biggest star in The Goonies at the time was child actor and teen icon Corey Feldman. As one half of The Two Coreys, Feldman enjoyed a wildly successful acting career in the ‘80s and early 1990s, before his star began to wane in the mid-late nineties. Despite that, he has remained active in the film and television scene and even has a band as well. Feldman has had a difficult career, peppered with substance abuse, and the death of friend Corey Haim; not to mention the recent allegations about abuse he received as a child star. In spite of this, the California native continues to act and perform and enjoys a cult following.

There were several other actors in The Goonies who went on to act with varying degrees of success. However, we feel like the guys we’ve listed have definitely had the most successful and memorable careers of the bunch. Josh Brolin has probably had the greatest long-term success, while Feldman’s fame peaked soon after. Nevertheless, the three are all still acting, and have enjoyed varying degrees of success over the course of their careers.