Good movies that were ruined by their endings

Movie endings play such a big role in our enjoyment and understanding of a film. What is the best movie ending of all time? This is a subjective question, and it largely depends on what you want to get out of an ending. A great ending can elevate even the most average of flicks to a whole new level. But, in a similar way, a poor or ridiculous ending can often tarnish even the best of movies.

There are so many movies out there with endings that make you want to talk about them. Sometimes this is a good thing, and other times it’s a bad thing. But, we know that endings are designed to generate debate and conversation. There are so many movies that have been ruined by a poor or out of place ending, and these are just a few of them.

Man of Steel (2013)

Many people hated Man of Steel – we thought it was okay – but there were more than a few controversial moments. None more so than the end of the movie, where Superman basically murders General Zod, destroying the hero’s backstory, and leaving audiences feeling utterly battered and bereft of any kind of joy. The ending of this movie is just such a downer that you can’t help but feel short-changed by this movie.

Good movies that were ruined by their endings

Now You See Me (2013)

Now You See Me was actually a fresh, interesting, and original movie, and did a lot of things really well. Following a group of magicians who rob banks using illusion and chicanery, and the FBI agent tracking them. The movie seems to be going along in a particular direction, and then all of a sudden the ending changes everything. There are so many plot holes that are not tied up by the end, and the twist is both bonkers and nonsensical. It’s a shame, as this movie had a lot of potential.

Steve Jobs (2015)

There were two biopics of Apple founder Steve Jobs, released close to one another, and we think the best one is this one, starring Michael Fassbender. The movie is interesting and has a lot of potential, especially seeing the strained relationship between Jobs and his daughter Lisa. But a plodding third act feels forced and a little far-fetched, and by the end, you might feel like you’re watching an episode of Cheers.

Moonlight (2016)

A controversial choice here, as Moonlight is one of the most fascinating and well-made movies in the past decade. A beautiful, poetic, and important film, and a worthy Oscar winner, Moonlight is a modern classic, but, it is slightly let down by the ending. The movie should have ended with the dance in the diner, and we feel that the movie ending with the two characters heading back to Kevin’s apartment, where the ending is rather understated. Though still a great film, we think the ending slightly tarnishes it.

Good movies that were ruined by their endings

So many movies are amazing, and even the ones on this list have so many great things about them. We just can’t help but feel that the endings of the films ruin them somewhat, and this is such a shame. Getting the ending right is so important, and these movies few just short of the mark.