Celebs who are brilliant

When you switch on your television or scroll through social media, you’re probably a little jealous as to how darn talented your favorite celebs are. They work on Hollywood movies, they schmooze with all of the coolest people in the world of show business, they have hair and makeup teams on speed dial, they live a life of luxury, and they just generally ooze awesomeness. It’s not fair, am I right? Well, if you get jealous easily, you might want to look away, because it turns out that some of the most famous celebrities in the world are also super smart. It’s just not fair.

Emma Watson

Could Emma Watson get any cooler if she tried? Not only did she play our favorite witch in the history of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but she’s also been campaigning for women’s rights with the United Nations. I mean, she’s perfect. However, her talents don’t end there, because Emma Watson is also super smart (perhaps she didn’t have to act too much to player Hermione Granger?). Not only has Emma studied at the prestigious Oxford University, but she has also brought her studies to the States to study at Brown University. Nothing like an Ivy League and a top-tier English college to add to your extensive resume, ey?

Celebs who are brilliant

Natalie Portman

Today, Natalie Portman is one of the most famous Hollywood actresses in history – but did you know she’s also a published scientific writer? No, we can’t believe it either. After making her debut into the world of acting, Natalie decided that she wanted to go back to school, so she just enrolled at Harvard University. As you do. As if that wasn’t enough, she later enrolled at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem to update her language skills. Although she enrolled under a different name to shield her identity, she still stood out from the crowd for being exceptionally bright.

Matt Damon

When you think of Matt Damon, you probably think of big Hollywood blockbusters. More specifically, you might think of the iconic movie, Good Will Hunting. This film was not the result of hundreds of hours in a hotshot boardroom with hotshot Hollywood directors. Instead, Damon just thought up the idea while sitting in his Harvard dorm room! Although he had no trouble getting started on this script, he had trouble finishing it. So, he just invited his good friend Ben Affleck around for a pizza date to polish the whole thing off (the script, and the pizza). Damon eventually dropped out of college, but it’s still an epic achievement.

David Duchovny

We all know David Duchovny for his work on The X-Files, but did you know he’s also super smart? Yep, this guy actually has two and a half degrees under his belt! He first obtained his Bachelor’s from Princeton University, he then obtained his Masters from Yale University and then got half-way through his Ph.D. at Yale because he booked his first acting job. Although it was just a boring commercial for a beer, he was convinced that it would be the start of something big. It’s a good thing it was because that would have been awkward.

Celebs who are brilliant

Mayim Bialik

It’s no secret that Mayim Bialik is one of the smartest women in television. After all, she plays a freakin’ neuroscientists on The Big Bang Theory. Yet, what’s even more amazing is that she doesn’t even really have to act for this role – because she really is a neuroscientist! Mayim has basically every single qualification under her belt, and is not only talented and beautiful but also ridiculously smart. Although we’re super happy for her, we’d like it if she shared some talent for the rest of us.

When you see actors and actresses on your screen, you probably don’t give their education a second thought. After all, they probably just went to theater school, right? Well, not quite!