Are Russian robots on their way to space?

We’ve heard of robots making drinks, we’ve heard of robots building cars, but could we be about to see robots becoming astronauts? Yup, that’s right. It seems as though these Russian robots are on their way to space, but could this be one step too far in technological advancements?

They can do incredible things

Believe it or not, but it seems as though robots are soon going to be taking over a whole host of tasks thanks to some incredible breakthroughs. Not only can robots now perform many human jobs, but they can also lift weights, do push-ups, drive, and shoot guns with both their robotic hands. Is there anything these ‘bots can’t do? All these skills look set to turn the Russian robots into the next breed of workers. Perhaps The Terminator isn’t such a distant dream after all.

NASA needs their help

Going up to space might be a huge goal for many people all around the world, but, of course, it comes with a whole host of risks, too. That’s why NASA is looking to robots to make our time up there in the galaxy a lot more pleasant – and safe – than ever before. Robonaut 2 is a robot that has already made its debut up on the International Space Station. Although it’s undertaken a number of tasks that are too high risk for humans, it now needs repairing. Could these Russian robots be the answer we’ve been looking for?

They carry fewer risks

One of the significant pulls to employing robots over humans is the fact they carry fewer risks. No longer do we have to worry about people getting tired or hurt from the many missions that come from being up in space; robots are there to take on the tasks that we would rather let slide. That’s not all; many argue that having a robot up in space could be like having a flying brain. Instead of letting emotions or feelings get in the way, these Russian robots might be about to make plans and decisions that us humans wouldn’t think of.

They are set for space

It seems as though the idea of a robot-run space crew might not be as far away as we once thought after all. In fact, these Russian robots are currently being fine-tuned and prepared to make their debut to the stars as soon as 2019. As if that wasn’t enough already, they are set to become part of a crewless spacecraft flown only by the robots themselves as they make their way to the International Space Station. The two robots could be about to take one small step for man, and one giant leap for robotkind.

Robots are everywhere nowadays, and now it seems as though we are going to send our technological wonders into the entire galaxy. This is the first step of many when it comes to making even more advances in space, but will they be able to prove how they can make a difference or are the Russian robots set to take over?