Cool science podcasts everyone should know about

Sometimes we have a craving to learn, but we don’t know where to begin, or maybe we want something on in the background which is fascinating and informative. Podcasts are a fantastic way of learning something interesting without having to put too much thought into it, especially if they’re fun to listen to. So, we’re going to suggest some awesome science podcasts for you to try out.

Skeptics Guide

This is great because it resonates with a broad audience, and it does that by taking a skeptical perspective, which many people can relate to. The best thing about it is that they do all the work when it comes to keeping up-to-date with the latest discussions and discoveries. All you need to do is tune into their podcast and enjoy what they have to say. They cover a whole variety of subjects and make sure to cover all aspects of science and questions people may have. Not to mention, their intro is pretty swish.


Houston We Have a Podcast

Don’t tell us you didn’t know that NASA has their own podcast, because they do, and it’s fantastic. If you’re into all things space related then this will be an absolute dream for you because you’re getting all the latest info from the space guys themselves, how awesome is that? Not to mention we can’t get enough of their podcast name, that’s already enough to keep us entertained for hours. Okay, not really, but the NASA podcast is entertaining, it’s current, and it’s direct. You get to hear from astronauts, scientists and, ah, just go subscribe, it’s incredible.

StarTalk radio show

The name of the show might be a little bit misleading considering it’s not actually an astronomy podcast, despite looking like one. The show is known for keeping things cool and comfortable while Neil DeGrasse Tyson talks to his invited guests and gets to know as much as possible. These guys talk about anything scientific and anything relevant, so if you’re looking for a history lesson, then this is not the place to be. People love this podcast because it’s fun, easy to listen to, and has great content.

Science Friday

If you want something with a little more history that has been around since 1991, then Science Friday is a great choice. People find the show compelling because the host, Ira Flatow, has been doing this for so long that he knows exactly what questions to ask in order to elicit the right kind of informative responses. It’s more important and tougher than you think. They bring on other researchers who give a first-hand account of their work as well as exploring other topics of interest.


TEDTalks Science and Medicine

Most of the world probably knows what a TEDTalk is, so it’s no wonder we also get to enjoy some more niche material formatted down into the fun and accessible podcast. It’s a great way of getting the content without having to give your full visual attention. However, some aren’t too keen on the format as it takes away some of the meaning given by their visual aids. It’s still a great niche, and people love it.

There are thousands of podcasts out there so sifting through them can be a challenge. Thankfully, whether you’re looking for a niche or just general science, there is something out there for you to enjoy and subscribe to.