Actors who played different parts in our favorite superhero movies

Getting asked to play a superhero role in a movie is often a dream come true for an actor or actress. After all, these are some of the best roles out there for both men and women, and who hasn’t dreamed about being a superhero?

Sometimes, these roles prove to be break out roles for the actor, rocketing them from an unknown to a recognized face and a household name. Other times, when an actor or actress is asked to play a superhero, they know that they have made it big. They’ll become the face of a hero and have children dressing up as them for years to come.

Some of these actors are so good at their superhero role that they end up being asked to reprise their roles multiple times, for sequels as well as parts in other superhero films. Occasionally, an actor will even land more than one superhero part. Let us look at some actors who have been lucky enough to have been cast for different parts in everyone’s favorite genre – superhero movies.

Chris Evans

This actor is famous for his impeccable performance as Captain America in Marvel’s Avengers movies, but he’s starred as Johnny Storm in the Fantastic Four movies as well. Chris Evans has returned to the big screen to don the cape of Captain America multiple times, to rave reviews and a large fan following. He is very capable as an actor as he shows how effortlessly he switches from casually rough to noble between his roles as Human Torch and Steve Rogers.

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is an actor who has proven his skills as an actor with his variety of roles. He does have the typical “hero face,” which makes sense given how many times he has been cast as a hero. While the film Green Lantern failed to capture the hearts of people around the world, we can all agree that Reynolds’ performance as Hal Jordan makes the movie bearable. He is infamous for his role as Deadpool in the, you guessed it, Deadpool movies.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry starred in the poorly received Catwoman, as well as the well-received X-Men trilogy. This actress displays such a commanding aura when she plays Storm in X-Men that it makes the audience feel like she is, indeed, Storm. However, she did stumble a bit when playing Catwoman. It hasn’t hurt the Oscar winner at all though, with fans eager to see where she will go from here.

Jon Favreau

Favreau has been on the good guy side in both of his superhero movies. Although he is much better recognized as Happy Hogan in the Iron Man series, he also played a huge role in Daredevil. Favreau played the role of Foggy, Matt Murdoch’s best friend in Daredevil. While his character was often used for comic relief in the first two Iron Man films, he did get a more important role in the plot in Iron Man 3. It was well-deserved, as he has proved his skills as an actor many times over already.