5 great unsolved mysteries of space

Imagine our home planet, Earth, the tiny blue dot in this vast universe, and all the mysteries it contains. Over the years, astronomers and scientists all over the world have spent their whole lives scrutinizing data, trying to unravel mysteries that have been bugging the world since the beginning of time. But it seems the universe itself has conspired against them, as most of these mysteries remain unsolved despite the advance of technology. The following are some space mysteries that no one has solved yet.

1. Parallel universes

If you think you’re one of a kind, think again. Imagine having a twin who lives several universes away from you, and not even having the slightest idea that you exist. The mind-boggling idea of another universe parallel to our own may sound crazy, but the possibility is on the table. Our universe may be just one of hundreds or thousands of universes out there. If you think about it, it’s like seeing Doctor Strange come to life. Pretty cool, right?

5 great unsolved mysteries of space

2. Antimatter

What is antimatter? To put it simply, it’s the total opposite of matter. It is thought to have been come into existence along with matter during the Big Bang – although the scientists still can’t explain where these anti-particles went. Because even though the theories state that matter and antimatter were both created in equal quantities during the Big Bang, we still don’t know why our universe it made up of mostly matter.

3. Black holes

Have you ever thought about being sucked into a black hole, and then cringe when you think about what would happen next? Well, to this day, it’s still a mystery. We have no idea what is truly inside a black hole because modern science still can’t even get close enough to it to see what’s inside. Though there have been reports that black holes emit something, the most we know now is that they are so dense that not even light can get through. Now, would you care to venture through its depths and discover the mysteries within it?

4. The size of the universe

All our lives, we have been told that we have a sun, nine planets, several moons, and lots of asteroids that make up our solar system. We also know that there are billions more galaxies, that all make up our universe. But even with the most advanced technology that exists today, scientists and astronomers still can’t figure out exactly how big the universe really is. Scientists believe that the universe could go on and on forever, and that it’s constantly expanding, but the the size remains a huge mystery.

5 great unsolved mysteries of space

5. From Big Bang to Big Crunch

One thing you might not know is that even our Universe has its own tragic fate, according to the theories of scientists and astronomers. This is what they call the Big Crunch, sometimes referred to as Gnab Gib – or Big Bang read backwards. It says that since our universe started from a Big Bang, one day it will return to how it all started and vanish. There’s no need to panic, though, because it probably won’t happen anytime soon, not even in the next trillion years.