Shows to watch if you liked Umbrella Academy

It is always a thrill to watch a well-scripted superheroes series. With all the suspense, intrigues and action that accompany them, it is safe to say that they are a remedy for someone looking forward to having some good screen time.

There are quite a number of such shows that one can stream in various movie and TV shows platforms. Umbrella Academy show which premiered on Netflix is one of those shows you wouldn’t leave your couch while watching because it is that much entertaining. It can also be streamed from other sites that surely didn’t take long to upload it because of the hype it attracted. Based on a comic book series, the show is about a dysfunctional family of superheroes who happen to reunite after the death of their father with the aim of finding out what caused it while also facing the possibility of a coming apocalypse.

There are much more almost similar shows to this one that you would want to check out too before umbrella academy season 2 premieres. This happens to be the list;


This action-adventure series features a superhero girl who happens to be superman’s cousin and one of the fewest kryptonians surviving. By the role name Kara, she learns to embrace her superpowers to protect the humanity.


Teen Wolf

A young man’s life is suddenly changed after he is bitten by a werewolf while on the process of solving his best friend’s mysterious murder. A supernatural mystery soon engulfs the town whose people realize that there is more than meets the eye.


A number of young people come together to form a group of young heroes who team up with the agenda of stopping the end of the world while still figuring out their capabilities.


This originally DC Television Universe show is about Oliver Queen who happens to be a tech millionaire that was assumed to be long dead while all the time he was stranded on a lonely island. He makes a comeback as the Green Arrow with the aim of stopping crime in the city.

The Gifted

A pair of mutant siblings and their parents hide from the government after their powers are discovered. While on the run they happen to meet other equally mutants facing rejection as well and they decide to team up to help other targeted fellows.

The Gifted

Marvel’s Runaways

What do you do after discovering your parents belong to an underground operating organization responsible for neighborhood recent kidnappings? A group of kids whose parents happen to be members of a dangerous organization run away and try to stop their criminal parents while still figuring out their origins. It is currently available in 2 seasons.

Legends of Tomorrow

This DC’s show which is available on Netflix features time travel where a team of heroes travel through time with the help of Time Master Rip Hunter whose family was murdered to stop the man behind the evil and save the world.

Doom Patrol

An affluent scientist houses a band of misfits with different gifts and powers. This show is however rated for a more mature audience.