Which Doctor Who is the best one?

Now that Jodie Whittaker is set to take up the mantle of the new Doctor Who this coming autumn, the time has come to take a look back and see which Doctor Who is the best.

Everybody has their own favorite Doctor, and there is always a fierce debate going on among fans as to who is the best Doctor. According to many members of the older generations, the Doctors in the original series, especially Tom Baker, were the best; while for the new generation, David Tennant and Matt Smith are usually tied for first.

It’s no wonder that the top four slots are occupied by the newer Doctors, who have appeared on the 2005 reboot, because the original series was seen by fewer people. The new Doctor Who however, has developed a global following. Here are the top four Doctors in reverse order.

Fourth place: Peter Capaldi

Peter Capaldi was the 12th Doctor. Ironically, he had played another character on the series (in the episode The Fires of Pompeii) before he took up the mantle of the Doctor. His seasons received favorable ratings and he played the character as a grumpy little man with a soft inside. His version of the Doctor was done with an understanding of humans, but he was also more of an outside observer who was quite distrustful of new acquaintances. Episodes such as Heaven Sent, which to date is the second highest rated Doctor Who episode, showcased Capaldi’s acting ability. Listen was another great episode that showed a vulnerable side of the Doctor.

Peter Capaldi

Third place: Christopher Eccleston

Christopher Eccleston, who played the ninth Doctor, is in a large way responsible for bringing the Doctor Who series into prominence. He was also perhaps the only actor who feared being typecast, and hence did just one season. But he poured his heart and soul in bringing out the aloofness with which the Doctor, as a Time Lord, sees the passing of time. From his first appearance, where he simply offers his hand to the human Rose Tyler and asks her to run, we were ready to follow him anywhere. Eccleston’s finest episode must be The Doctor Dances, when he shows his joy at saving everyone, becoming more human.

Second place: David Tennant

David Tennant, who took over as the tenth Doctor, took the series to the level of popularity that we see today. He was the most humane Doctor Who, as well as the one with the biggest sense of humor. Another reason why his version of the Doctor is a fan favorite is because of the brilliant companions he had. Rose Tyler is one of the Doctor’s most famous romantic relationships, and there was also Donna Noble, the sassiest companion. Blink, an episode starring Tennant, remains the most popular Doctor Who episode.

Matt Smith

First place: Matt Smith

At the top is, of course, Matt Smith. His brilliant portrayal of the Doctor, who looks like your eccentric uncle one minute and a deadly man who you should be afraid of the next, won the series fans all over the world. He also has the most complicated relationship with his companion. As for his best episodes, Vincent and the Doctor comes to mind, where he allows the famous, tortured painter to see his own fame. Another great episode was the Beast Below, where the Doctor shows his much darker side and his disdain for human nature, when he berates all humans present, including Amy Pond.