Should you really be taking your laptop with you on your vacation?

Packing for a vacation can be tough. After all, it can all of a sudden seem as though we need to take absolutely everything that’s in our wardrobe, and don’t get us started on how many books we need to keep ourselves entertained. Thinking about what tech to bring can be enough to push us over the edge. So should you really be taking your laptop with you on vacation? Or is this just another thing to worry about?

Easy access to the web

Sure, our smartphones are great for giving us instant access to the web, but sometimes we need something a bit more substantial. Having our laptop can provide us with full access to any web page, as well as making booking tickets and checking out attractions in the local area a lot easier than our small screens. As if that wasn’t enough, uploading photos can also be a lot easier thanks to the size of our laptops rather than relying on smartphones. No longer do we have to worry about all those precious memories going missing before we are home!

Extra weight to worry about

Although having a laptop with us on vacation might have its advantage, it also comes with one grand disadvantage: the weight of it all. The laptop itself teamed with the chargers, cases, and potentially any external hard drives you bring along for the trip can all add up when it comes to packing our bags. Plus, chances are you will want to have your laptop with you rather than a checked bag if you’re planning on flying anywhere, just think about all the weight you will have to lug around the airport, and how much you won’t be able to pack thanks to little space.

Should you really be taking your laptop with you on your vacation?

A chance to get creative

Having your laptop on vacation gives us more room to be creative. Some of us can’t imagine going more than five minutes without unleashing our artistic side. So how are we supposed to cope without being able to get on our laptop? The bigger screen could be the perfect way to edit all those vacation snaps after a long day in the sun. If photos aren’t your thing, then what about finally taking time to write the novel you’ve been planning for so many years? Some time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life can be enough to open many creative doors.

More insurance to cover

All that extra tech means you will have a lot more insurance to cover in the long run. Travel insurance is something we all need before we jet abroad, but there can be a huge excess to cover if we’re unlucky enough to have our bags stolen. Plus, certain vacation destinations carry more risks than others meaning one simple addition to our baggage could take our insurance up a few notches. If you choose not to cover your laptop as part of your insurance plan, then you could have a huge bill if your laptop goes missing.

Should you really be taking your laptop with you on your vacation?

So should you take your laptop on vacation?

Taking your laptop on vacation is a tough choice. There are positives and negatives on both sides. So really it’s up to you to decide whether the risks are worth the pay off you will get in the long run. How Are, a few days away from your gadgets could be the technological detox you’ve been needing for so long.
It can be tough to know whether to take your laptop on vacation or whether to leave it at home. However, after weighing up the pros and cons, your decision could be a lot easier than you ever believed.