Cool movie theaters from around the world

For true movie buffs, there’s nothing more satisfying than watching a new movie inside the theater. It gives you an immersive experience that no home cinema can give you, and for a couple of hours, were offered an exciting and thrilling escape from the world. We’ll never tire of going to the movie theater.

Some say the age of the cinema will soon be gone, but with these unique theaters around the world, we say that is nonsense. Check out these super cool cinemas that we are longing to visit!

Amante, Ibiza

Located on the coast of Spanish party island Ibiza, the Amante Bar & Restaurant offers frequent movie nights in which their sandy beach area is transformed into a beautiful open-air cinema space with comfy bean bag chairs and waiter service. Watching your favorite film under the starry skies and next to the lapping waves is definitely something we want to try out.

Amante Bar & Restaurant

St George OpenAir cinema, Sydney

This cinema dubs itself as “the most beautiful cinema in the world,” and we think they have a point. During gorgeous summer sunsets, a three-story tall screen rises from the waters of the harbor. The grandstand seats over 2000 people, and the backdrop to the screen is the pretty skyline of Sydney. There’s also drink and food service for you to really make a night of it.

Hot Tub Cinema, UK

The Hot Tub Cinema is a traveling movie theater that combines great films, drinks, food and a hot tub party all in one. The tub seats up to six people and guests are encouraged to dress up, celebrate and party along to the playing of your favorite films. It’s available across several UK cities including London, Bristol, Birmingham, and Manchester.

Sci-fi Dine-in theater, LA

Located in the Hollywood Studios park in Disneyland, California, this movie-theater is all you need to have a truly magical time. The theater is Americanism at it’s best, featuring American cuisine and the best sci-fi films, all in the form of a 50s style drive-in diner. You’ll be seated upon a table in the form a classic vehicle, and you’ll be served food and drinks by waiting-staff on roller skates.

Sci-fi Dine-in theater

La Geode, Pairs

This truly breathtaking cinema is located in the Paris area of Parc de la Villette, and stands out from miles away. Built in 1985, the giant steel globe is the largest hemispherical screen in Europe, having had over 20 million visits come and sit upon its 400-seat theater. The view from inside the globe is spectacular, and it gives you the most unique atmosphere to watch your favorite films. Definitely one of a kind!

Filmnaechte am Elbufer, Dresden

If you want a traditional communal cinematic experience at one of the most incredible open-air cinemas in the world, this one’s for you! The theater holds events throughout Dresden’s summer months, with around 150,000 visiting each year. The screen is one of the largest outdoor screens in the world, bringing you a gloriously enjoyable experience amongst thousands of cinema-goers.

Giant screen? Tick. Comfy seats? Tick. A unique setting to give you the most wonderful experience possible? Double tick. If you are on your next vacation at one of these cities, and fancy settling down to watch a movie for the night, be sure to check these out. Now shhhhh, the film’s about to start.