The college class for Harry Potter lovers

If you’re pretty upset about the fact that you’re a Muggle, then there’s a high chance that you dream about Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry every single night. After all, wouldn’t it just be so cool to learn all about Mandrakes in Herbology? Patronus Charms in Defence Against the Dark Arts? And Hippogriffs in Care of Magical Creatures? Although we know that we will never set foot inside of those hallowed halls, that doesn’t mean that we can’t experience the magic of it all. After all, these college classes are perfect for Harry Potter lovers.

The college class for Harry Potter lovers

Harry Potter, Nipissing University

Although it might not have the most inventive name for its Harry Potter course, Nipissing University certainly has something special going on. That’s because this course allows fans to go into precise details about the events that happen throughout the books. You delve into reasons why certain things take place, how the outcomes could have been different, and the decisions that Harry made during his time at Hogwarts. Alongside this, you will also touch on religious symbols, literary themes, and more.

Science of Harry Potter, Frostburg University

While there’s no doubt about the fact that the magical world will always remain a mystery to us Muggles, students at Frostburg University get to look into the science behind this series. Instead of reading and re-reading the books, students will look into specific aspects of the Wizarding World and look towards the science of it all. For example, they will come up with their own conclusions as to how the wand chooses the wizard, and how a game of Qudditch works in terms of physics. Who said that science needed to be boring?

Rhetoric of Fandom, University of Texas

If you’re the kind of person that loves Harry Potter so much you’re part of fandoms, then this college course is for you. It takes place at the University of Texas, and gives students the chance to focus on Harry Potter and its effect on the world – especially in terms of popular culture. It goes into detail about fandoms and how these groups help the popularity grow, but can also cause controversy when taken too far. Within this course, you will also compare Harry Potter fandoms to the likes of Star Trek and Twilight.

The college class for Harry Potter lovers

Harry Potter’s Library, Kansas State University

If you were toying between Kansas State University and another school, then we think this might one just tip KSU over the edge. That’s because this college is home to the Harry Potter’s Library course, which allows Harry Potter fans the chance to read over the franchise with a critical eye in terms of its magic and its mischief. Not only that, but you will also get the chance to compare this magic with other fantasy novels that have been released over the years. Of course, Harry will always come out on top. He is the Chosen One, after all.

Everyone loves Harry Potter, right? Well, what if we told you that your love for Harry Potter could contribute to your degree? This is the case in many colleges across the globe, and it’s amazing to see how such a powerful young wizard has been able to inspire the next generation of Muggles. No matter how much we want to be magical ourselves…