Beyond Disney: The best theme parks in America

Every single kid around the globe growing up had dreams of one day going to Disneyland. Unlike the dream of wanting to be a fireman or a policeman, this dream does not subside or dwindle with age but merely takes a backseat to the more “adult” things in life. There are six Disneyland parks around the world. Two of them can be found in the USA- in California and Florida. The other four can be found in Tokyo, Paris, Shanghai, and Hong-Kong. Disneyland can basically be considered the epitome of theme parks. There are, however, theme parks beyond Disney. So below is a list of some of the best theme parks that can be found in America.

1. SeaWorld

The wonders of the ocean are vast and even with all of our technological advancements that humanity has made up until this day, many mysteries still remain. Some of these mysteries, however, we get to experience a little closer to home. SeaWorld is a chain of business locations that fall under the parent company SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment. The three SeaWorld operations available for use by the public are Orlando, San Diego, and San Antonio. SeaWorld can be broken down into three platforms of operation. These include the theme park, aquarium, and the very admirable and commendable efforts of conservation.

Beyond Disney: The best theme parks in America

2. Universal

Universal parks and resorts have two theme parks in America of which include Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort. Universal Studios’ primary position is of one in the film industry. For this reason, the Universal parks and resorts are in a unique position to offer all that we have come to expect from a theme park with the added advantage of having attractions based on the film industry.

3. Six Flags

Six Flags has many business locations operating all around America and in addition to this a few more operating outside its borders. For those of you who were wondering, the name Six Flags found its origins as the names of the six nations that at one point or another have governed Texas. These include France, Spain, Mexico, the Confederate States of America, the United States, and the Republic of Texas. Based mainly on the sheer number of properties, Six Flags is considered one of the biggest theme park groups in the world. Amusement parks and water parks can be enjoyed by the attending public.

Beyond Disney: The best theme parks in America

4. Nickelodeon Universe

Not to say that all of the above has been for the pure enjoyment and entertainment of the adult population or that Nickelodeon Universe cannot be enjoyed by adults but Nickelodeon Universe is something directed more at the little ones. Nickelodeon Universe has many rides, all of which are named after television shows that appear on Nickelodeon: Pineapple Poppers after SpongeBob Squarepants, Fairly Odd Coaster after Fairly Odd Parents, Shredder’s Mutant Masher after Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the Avatar Air Bender after exactly that. The above mentioned are all the biggest names in the industry.

America has such an enormous collection of world-renowned theme parks that an extensive list of them all just isn’t possible in this short segment. Here, however, are a few other honorable mentions of which include Knott’s Berry Farm in California, Cedar Point in Ohio, and Hershey Park in Pennsylvania.