The best online shops to buy your next favorite shirt

Have you ever gone to the mall ready to splash the cash, but nothing took your fancy? We all have different styles when it comes to clothes, and sometimes that can be our downfall. Clothing stores tend to stock what is trendy and ‘in season,’ which means that those of us who don’t care about being fashionable are left with little choice over what to buy. It’s a good thing the internet exists, then. If you like to get a little nerdy with your clothes, there are some great online stores where you can geek out all you want.


Redbubble has been around for over a decade, and it’s developed a pretty good reputation (even with the odd controversy). Specializing in products of all kinds, from clothes to phones, wall art and more, the site has a great range of nerdy t-shirts created by independent artists. There are designs of many classic video game franchises, including Crash Bandicoot, Mario and The Legend of Zelda (because who doesn’t want a mini Link peeping out of their breast pocket), as well as some great science puns. “Think like a proton and stay positive” is one of our favorites. There are also other great designs like Stitch dressed up as Deadpool and a recreation of Pacman using R2-D2 with Jawas as the ghosts.

The best online shops to buy your next favorite shirt


Like Redbubble, Spreadshirt is another great site that allows you to buy shirts designed by independent artists (or even yourself if you know what you’re doing). If you’ve ever wanted a t-shirt of a stormtrooper riding a narwhal through a rainbow, look no further than this site. Spreadshirt covers some of the essential nerdy films and TV shows, with an emphasis on Star Wars and Doctor Who. Some of the designs don’t always look as good on t-shirts as they could, but there is still a great selection on offer here. R2-D2 dressed up as a pirate (Arr2-D2 – get it?) is a classic.


Unlike some of these other stores, ThinkGeek is a site designed exclusively for nerdy merchandise. It covers all manner of things, including clothing, accessories, collectibles and even backpacks, and their collection of t-shirts are perhaps some of the best on offer. They feature many official designs, such as the Hyrule crest, Star Fox 2 cover and the death screen from Cuphead, but also branch out into original designs too. There are several variations of the famous Beatles album cover Abbey Road using Star Wars and Star Trek characters, as well as a grumpy Batman with coffee for those of us who aren’t morning people.

The best online shops to buy your next favorite shirt


For a store that isn’t exclusively geeky, TeePublic has an incredible variety of nerdy attire available for purchase. Famous horror movie villains crammed into Scooby Doo’s mystery machine and a black panther version of the Lion King’s cave painting are just two of the brilliant designs on offer here. What about Deadpool riding a unicorn or a sloth dressed up as the Flash? If you’re all about that meme life, you can even get a t-shirt advertising steamed hams using the Burger King logo (despite the fact that they’re obviously grilled). Tee Public’s collection of Simpson’s designs is actually pretty vast. Now you too can embody Ralph Wiggum as you wear Super Nintendo Chalmers on your t-shirt.

Being a geek doesn’t mean that you have to miss out when it comes to being stylish. Fashion is what you make it, and you’ll certainly be getting more attention wearing some of these nerdy threads than you ever would if you tried to be ‘in season.’