Who would win in a battle – Wonder Woman or Captain Marvel?

This has been a much-debated topic, following the release of Captain Marvel and can become quite a complicated discussion. Both characters have been well-received female icons, representing the minority of female superhero storylines, and ultimately being two of the most popular superheroes as a result. These characters appear to be parallel to each other, with Wonder Woman being a DC comic creation and Captain Marvel, the rival Marvel creation. One key difference is that Captain Marvel has long been revered as Marvel’s ultimate avenger, and she carries the namesake as a result, Wonder Woman is arguably either equal or just-shy of Superman’s power in the DC universe.

It’s about their background

One of the issues we face are the many factors that enter a battle, but if we approach it based on power alone, then we can start to dissect who would be more likely to win. They both are incredibly powerful, with basic superhuman stuff like increased durability and the ability to fight. One key difference that separates the two is their background. Diana – Wonder Woman – was raised by a tribe of warrior women and taught how to fight from a very young age. Carol Danvers didn’t have this kind of background, although she did receive some training from the US air force. It just doesn’t have the same weight to it though. When it comes to combat, Wonder Woman would likely have the edge.

Captain Marvel

The power problem

They both have a hefty menagerie of powers, but which would win against the other? Diana is practically a God, whereas Captain Marvel is the result of an accident, gaining her powers by having Kree DNA infused with hers. Wonder Woman has been known to have superhuman strength, enhanced senses, super healing, telepathy, super breath, her golden lasso of truth and, well, she’s immortal. Diana also has increased empathy, so the likelihood of her wanting to battle Captain Marvel without just cause isn’t a likely story. Carol Danvers is known as the most powerful Avenger, but she has had many forms, and this is what will likely determine the outcome.

Carol’s ‘Binary’ form

While Captain Marvel is still incredibly powerful even without her Binary form, she takes it to a whole new level. Normally, the captain is capable of superhuman strength, durability and she can shoot energy blasts from her hands. While this is pretty powerful, her ‘Binary’ form can tap into the power of a white hole. What this means is she practically becomes a cosmic being, this affords her complete control over heat, gravity, and the electromagnetic spectrum. She can also absorb any energy that is used against her and use it to make herself stronger. She is not able to access her ‘Binary’ form at any point she wants; it is a state she ends up gaining during the comics, although this soon gets drained and she becomes somewhat powerless for a brief time.

Wonder Woman


Captain Marvel as she is, not in her ‘Binary’ form, probably isn’t strong enough to beat Wonder Woman. She is naturally immortal, with her powers and combat training proving lethal. However, in her Binary form, she likely has enough power to decimate galaxies, so Wonder Woman might struggle before being overcome.

We like to think that these guys will never have to enter into a fight against each other since they’re good guys, we feel like they’d probably be on the same team and not enter into a ‘Batman Vs. Superman’- style conflict.