Sci-fi movies that were also really funny

People watch movies to get entertained, and therefore it’s really important for filmmakers to ensure that whatever kind of movie they’re making, there’s at least a dose of good old humour. Science fiction isn’t a genre that sounds like it has much that’s funny to bring to the table, but there have been many movies to make this possible. As much as such movies are often filled with science fiction concepts, a little humor really comes in handy.

It is common for people to write off sci-fi movies as boringly serious, but it is fair enough to say that there are numerous movies of that category that prove to be quite funny contrary to most people’s opinions. A trip down memory lane proves that some sci-fi movies that were released ages ago and others in recent years do have some humor in them. Here are some of the best sci-fi movies of all time that were also well, really funny.

Sci-fi movies that were also really funny

Back to the Future

This 1985 sci-fi movie acted by Michael J. Fox as a teen and Christopher Lloyd as a mad scientist is the true definition of funny. It involves a time travelling concept where Fox travels back to 30 years way before he was born. His then 17 year old mother falls head over heels in love with him and Fox has to help his very shy father to pursue her so that she can fall for him instead. His father finally finds his courage and not only does he win the love of future Fox’s mother, but he is also able to save the family from being destroyed into non-existence.

They Live

Released in the year 1988 by Universal Pictures, this movie did not quite receive much attention upon release but it still managed to rise above that and become one of the best sci-fi movie that ever existed. It features a character by the role name Nada who finds work in a construction site in L.A but soon discovers some glasses that hide alien’s invasion on earth from the world. He sets out with the aim of convincing the world about their existence and destroying the signal that hides their existence in the first place.


Released in the year 2018, this sci-fi movie features Natalie Portman who goes by the role name Lena, a cellular biologist. She discovers an anomalous electromagnetic field by the name Shimmer which could be connected to her husband’s poor health and memory loss.

Sci-fi movies that were also really funny

The Andromeda Strain

This movie was released in the year 1971 and it involves a crisis that occurs after a space probe falls onto earth carrying with it a virus that turns the human blood into powder instantly. A research facility by the US government put up to deal with such occurrences seeks to neutralize the threat and avoid further contamination even if it means using nuclear self-destruct option.


Released in 1973, this movie features a nerdy food store owner who is frozen and defrosted 200 years later to fight a dictatorial and oppressive government.