Ranking the worst comic book movies of all time

When superhero movies based on comic book are released in theaters, they are often eagerly awaited by fans. However, not all superhuman films turn out the way that we hope they will, and sometimes, they end up being a real disappointment.

A considerable number of comic book movies are remembered not for how great they were, but rather for how disastrous and disappointing they turned out. After all, when a comic book movie is fouled up, it can transform into an enormous train wreck. With their ridiculous characters and embellishments, awful comic book films are regularly assailed by critics.

Here are the most notorious superhero motion pictures that have made audiences cringe in dismay.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Perhaps we ought to have known exactly how awful this motion picture would be from the title, which is almost as muddled as the motion picture itself. The film’s storyline is total chaos: What is Lex Luthor’s inspiration once more, for what reason does The Flash appear all of a sudden, and what’s really happening throughout this entire movie? What’s more, Jesse Eisenberg is a bad casting choice for Luthor. The whole movie is just a big spectacle, and it doesn’t live up to anyone’s expectations.

Fantastic Four

A motion picture so terrible it destroyed any possibility of director Josh Trank making a Star Wars film, Fox’s reboot of Fantastic Four endeavored to take the group a more action packed way than the 2005 motion picture. Be that as it may, nothing could have spared this debacle of a film from its disastrous shoot. It currently has a shocking 9% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and was slammed by critics and fans alike.

Alien vs. Predator: Requiem

The film essentially felt like just another endeavor to profit without truly having a good idea behind it. The film ended up failing even at that, with underwhelming box office numbers and negative reviews. Following this, the planned sequels were cancelled. This was undoubtedly a huge disappointment for fans, who expected much more than this flop of a movie.


This film is famously awful, and a very big bummer for NBA fans, since star basketball player Shaquille O’Neal stars in the title role. Steel was initially intended to be a prequel film for a Demise of Superman motion picture that never reached production. The final result, however, was a manifestation of a character that had little association with the source material. Steel was an appalling disappointment, earning under $2 million at the box office, which made it the second Shaquille O’Neal movie to bomb in just two years, after Kazaam failed the prior year.


Director Pitof hasn’t directed a film since Catwoman flopped in 2004. The superhero flick, starring Halle Berry as Catwoman, got terrible reviews. The motion picture’s deficiencies go past any nit-picking – the whole thing was proclaimed to be a mess. The special effects, the acting, and the plot (which includes poison skincare and makeup items for reasons unknown) were all poorly received by the public.