Host the best movie night for you and your friends

Few things are more fun than sitting down to watch a couple of good movies with your friends in the comfort of your own home. With tickets to the movies getting pricier each day, it’s definitely a good idea to stay in once in a while. Besides, a movie night at your own house gives you a lot of freedom that a movie at the theater doesn’t. You can have more fun and interaction with your friends and even incorporate other fun activities into your movie night.

So, what does it take to host the best movie night for you and your friends? Prior planning will help you bring your best forward, and if you take care of all the essential things, the movie night will be a success. Your friends will want to come back again and again.

Here are some pointers to guide you in hosting your best movie night yet.

Host the best movie night for you and your friends

1. Pick a movie wisely

This is important, and can either make or break your movie night. You certainly do not want to pick a movie that’s dull and will leave everyone dozing off mere minutes into it. You also don’t want to pick a movie that will make your guests uncomfortable. Make sure that your choice appeals to the preferences of your friends. This will ensure that everyone will be engrossed and that the discussion afterwards will be exciting. Also, try to make sure it’s a good movie that will either have everyone laughing their hearts out or sitting on the edge of their seats by the end of the night.

2. Set up

A movie is best enjoyed when one is all comfy and cozy. Make sure that there’s enough sitting space for everyone. It should be comfortable, too. You can throw pillows, mats, blankets, and cushions into the scene for complete comfort.

3. Bring the popcorn

It goes without saying that movies and popcorn are destined to go together. No movie night would be complete without popcorn. Make more popcorn than you think you need for your movie night, because no matter how much extra you think you made, your friends will probably gobble it all up. Play around with flavors other than the standard buttered popcorn you get at the movies for a better experience.

Host the best movie night for you and your friends

4. Set aside post-movie talk time

Any group of movie lovers will go into a detailed discussion of a film once they have all seen it. When planning your movie night, ensure that there’s time available after the movie for you and your friends to discuss it. This adds onto the fun as each one of you gets to express their views on various aspects of the film. This is also a great chance to bring out more snacks!

With these tips, you’ll hardly feel like you have to go to the movies to have fun. And if you truly hate missing out on the big screen, you can take your own movie nights to another level by using a projector to recreate the big screen experience. This is one sure way of making your friends want to come back for more.