What your favorite geeky genre says about you

Even though you might not believe it, the type of movies that you like the most reveals a lot about you and your personality. After all, everyone has a preferred type of movie that’s their go-to when they don’t know what film to watch. So, what does your favorite geeky genre say about you?

Fantasy and sci-fi

If you like fantasy and sci-fi of movies, then you probably are fan of Harry Potter or the Lord of the Rings, Back to the Future or Star Wars. You may also be a fan of Star Trek, which is the one of the longest enduring franchises. If you like these movies, it means that you are an open minded person with a broad way of thinking, who likes to talk about hypothetical things.

Action and adventure

If you are into action and adventure movies, you probably like to watch films like Mission Impossible or Batman Begins. It means that you are a brave and strong person who tries to accomplish his or her goals. You also love taking risks in your life and you are trying to live your life to the fullest.

Romance movies

If you love movies like Pride & Prejudice, Dirty Dancing, or the Notebook, it means that you are a highly romantic person. You are also a passionate person in all areas of life, and you are willing to fight for true love. Moreover, you believe in true love and you will never stop until you find it. Plus, you are a loyal person and value the relationships in your life.

Horror movies

In case horror is your go-to genre, like Dorian Gray, Sweeney Todd, or Poltergeist, you obviously have a dark side within you. You are a clear-headed person and you try to say things as you actually seen them. Even though sometimes you are a pessimistic person, you are also strong in the face of any fear you might feel.

Comedy movies

If you are a fan of comedy movies, like The Spy, Zoolander, or The Pink Panther, then you probably have a pretty funny personality. It means that you love to laugh and you probably like to make others laugh, too. Even though you understand that the world sometimes can be a cruel place, you try not to lose your sparkle and instead you try to find the fun things in life.


Musicals are full of different emotions. If you like the Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, or Into the Woods, then you are an outgoing person with an artistic and creative personality. You like to share your emotions with your friends and you are always there for the others. Moreover, you love to seek attention and revel in large groups of friends.

Drama movies

If you love to watch The Godfather, Black Swan, or Creed, then you definitely like drama movies. You have a genuine and big heart and you are a supportive person for your family and friends, even if you tell them things that they don’t want to hear. In addition, you are not afraid to deal with difficult problems in your life.