What the Disney and Fox merger could mean for the Marvel Cinematic Universe

We’ve yet to meet anyone in this world who doesn’t like superheroes and Marvel, and we hope to never come into contact with that kind of negativity in our lives. It’s just toxic, you know? Thankfully, most people are obsessed with all of the superheroes and villains that we have in our lives, and if you’re one of those people you might have heard that Disney and Fox have recently come to a $71 billion merger deal (yep, that’s a “b” and not an “m”) that will see some of our favorite superheroes make their way back home to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We know you’re excited, but try to hone in the screaming a little…

The X-Men have a second chance

The X-Men have had their time in the limelight, and it’s always been fairly successful – but has it been on the scale as some of our Marvel/Disney favorites? We’re gonna say no. Because of this new merger, we could see the X-Men have a second chance to really make their mark in the superhero world. Although X-Men: Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants are already on our way to us through Fox, we have a feeling that starting from scratch would be the best way to bring these guys back into our lives. Hugh Jackman has already said that he’s hung up his claws, so why continue something that’s already on a downward spiral? This merger could give it the lift it’s needed for a while.

Deadpool could stay on his own

Deadpool is the kind of superhero movie that leaves people divided. We personally think it’s one of the best movies to date, but there are some people who just get it – and we have a feeling that this new merger will play into this. In the interest of business and continuation, it doesn’t make sense for Marvel to bring Deadpool into the realm of their other superheroes. He has his own specific sense of humor, his storyline is separate from others in the cinematic universe, and people like to see Wade Wilson as the loner of the group. If they keep Deadpool separate, they can keep this dark humor on their side without hindering other characters or worlds.

Fantastic Four could actually be fantastic

If you’re a fan of the comic books, you’ll know that Fantastic Four is pretty darn incredible. They are full of awesome characters and storylines, and they shape a lot of the Marvel Universe. However, the Fox movie adaptations have fallen on deaf ears in the past, and they have struggled to get their feet off the ground. In fact, all of the movies have been absolute flops. This new Disney and Fox merger could finally give the Fantastic Four the chance to be absolutely fantastic. All it needs is a new team of writers, a new cast, and a new production crew – all things that this merger can give them.

Avengers vs. X-Men could be closer than we think

Hands up if you have been waiting for the day that the Avengers would meet the X-Men for an epic battle? Yes, us too. Of course, it was never going to happen with Disney and Fox being completely separate entities, but now that they are merging together it could be on the cards – and this makes us ridiculously happy. It may take a while, as it has taken a huge portion of our lives for some of our favorite Marvel characters to meet in the flesh, but we can live in hope, right?

Although the price of this Disney/Fox merger may knock you off your chair, the results of this merger could actually change our lives. No pressure or anything.