The best things to do at Comic-Con

The San Diego Comic-Con is defined as a “multi-genre comic and entertainment convention,” and that’s exactly what it is! To put it in a more informal and straightforward manner, it’s an event for geeks organized by geeks, a place where geeks come together to literally geek out. So, if you’re a geek who has never been to Comic-Con, it can get a little overwhelming as to what you’re supposed to do there. Well, you’re in luck, because we’ve got a list here to help you out.

Attend a panel discussion

Comic-Con is often ground zero for comic book, gaming, and animation panels. In fact, conventions like Comic-Con depend on them. The awesome thing about these panels is that you get to hear special announcements and other bits of juicy information. So it’s a great way to stay updated about your favorite comics, games, anime series, and more.

In fact, if you’re lucky enough, you might come across some crazy information that’s never been revealed before. This usually happens when a fan asks an interesting question and the creator is forced to reveal some key details.
These panel discussions are fun if you’re eager to find out things.

Meet the creators

The opportunity to meet content creators is one of the main reasons why Comic-Con exists and why so many people attend it. Whether it’s colorists, artists, inkers, writers, animators, or illustrators, Comic-Con is where you’ll find them. Apart from clicking a selfie and getting an autograph, you can also engage in some friendly chit-chat with the creators. It’s a great way to get into their heads and maybe even dig out some secret details.

Wear a costume

This is probably the most well-known aspect of Comic-Con. You’ll find plenty of people dressing up as their favorite comic, anime, or game character. Have you heard of cosplay (costume-play)? Well, Comic-Con is one of the places where the best cosplay takes place. Some of the attendees come up with amazing costume ideas. On the whole, it’s something you don’t want to miss. In fact, if you’re up for it, you can wear a costume of your own. The convention hosts a “best cosplay” contest. So, who knows? You just might win.


Yes, you can actually shop at Comic-Con. Apart from the wide selection of comics, you can also find other items such as t-shirts, action figures, themed-toys, souvenirs, and pretty much anything related to comics, games, anime, and films.
Do watch out for the discount comic bins. You might just find something interesting in them. A few Golden and Silver age rarities might show up as well, so make sure you’ve got enough money saved.

Finally, you also have convention specials that are exclusively sold at Comic-Con. These convention specials aren’t likely to be sold outside, making them rare and valuable.

Watch out for freebies!

Now, if you aren’t looking to spend too much money, look for stalls offering freebies. You’ll find a few of them around. They’re great spots for picking up free comics, cards, posters, books, and toys. However, do be prepared to handle the mob. We’re talking about freebies here and we as a species love free stuff. So, expect some pushing and pulling.