The best movies based on graphic novels

The whole premise of basing a movie off a graphic novel has been booming for some time now, and we’re loving it. However, some have been far more successful than others. While Marvel seems to own the cinemas at the moment, we can’t forget just how much we all loved The Dark Knight trilogy. So, given the abundance of amazing movies that have been released, which are the best and why?

Men in Black

Pretty much everyone has heard of, if not seen, Men in Black, but not everyone knows that it came from a comic book. It’s fair to say not as many people read comics as those who watch movies, so it certainly reached a higher percentage of people than it might have otherwise. This series stole the hearts and minds of people, while tackling day-to-day problems such as inequality, but with the alien metaphor. Oh, and it was hilarious, which was probably what did it.

The best movies based on graphic novels

V for Vendetta

Many never realized the concept for this movie came from a graphic novel, and what a soul-wrenching story it was. With an exceptional cast and an incredibly executed concept, the movie-makers did it proud. Graphic novels are multifaceted and can be a real challenge to adapt for cinema screens, but it was done, and it was done well. Not only did fans of the comic book seem to enjoy it, but people who weren’t were inspired by the story. It’s a controversial one, echoing the events that happened on Guy Fawkes day which England remembers every November 5th. While this might appear niche, it was performed spectacularly.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

It’s probably best to group them all as otherwise, they might take up the entire list. Naturally, some origins films are better than others, and we all have a favorite Avengers film. However, it needs to be said that from Iron Man down to Captain Marvel, it’s been an incredible journey and we have been blessed with so much content it’s hard to imagine a world without it. Marvel took the slow road, carefully crafting the bigger picture with individual stories. We’re now holding out to see what the next phase will be following Avengers: Endgame.

The best movies based on graphic novels

The Dark Knight Trilogy

You knew it was coming, but there’s no denying this trilogy was masterfully constructed with the utmost care for the characters. Christian Bale was a phenomenal choice of Batman, beautifully telling the story of Bruce Wayne, and perfecting the switch between billionaire playboy and inspirational superhero. Heath Ledger’s Joker will likely never be upstaged and was a testament to his acting ability. The Batman comics have been going for decades, but this tiny story snippet of the universe was a masterpiece.

In this day and age, there is an abundance of graphic novel adaptations which are amazing. However the original stories came from artistic expressions published into a book, so if you want to get to the core of the fiction, then your best bet is to go to the source. You’ll probably find there’s a whole lot more than you ever realized.