How Avengers and Game of Thrones made geeks go mainstream

It’s been a long time coming, but with the resolution of both the Avengers series and Game of Thrones, people have been asking themselves what geek culture even is anymore. These two franchises have changed what it means to be a geek and turned the definition on its head. Avenger’s Endgame smashed box office numbers while Game of Thrones took over TV screens across the world, if you wanted to find common ground with someone, then one of those two topics were a pretty solid bet.

The Avengers

More complex and sophisticated storylines

When you have finally watched all of the movies within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s easy to see just how complex and detailed the franchise really is. While few may have passed them off as children’s fantasy movies, they are anything but. Sure, they may not be quite as raunchy as some other shows, but it actually proved that you don’t always need illicit material to make something popular. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Game of Thrones held nothing back. With people’s behinds in basically every shot in the first season, it was sometimes tough to focus on what people were trying to say. However, having caught people’s attention it allowed them to focus on the more nitty-gritty side of the story.

What it means to be a geek

Being a geek hasn’t always been such a popular title for those who wore the badge. In fact, it almost seemed that, if you were branded a geek, then you were somehow outcast from other people. Other stereotypes also included being particularly smart and enjoying your studies. However, these days, this whole idea is kind of reversed, and not knowing or seeing these shows seems like a strange idea. The word ‘geek’ now seems like an outdated idea.

Finding a middle ground

It appears that from the captivating and intricate storylines of both the Avengers and those from Westeros, people have found themselves in a state of flux when it comes to defining whether they are a geek or not. Both these popular franchises have run for around a decade, if not longer, giving them plenty of time and opportunity to shape the minds and attitudes of people around them. While we’re not sure people are going around attempting to behave like Queen Cersei, it did bring groups of people together who never thought that could happen.

Game of Thrones

How did they do it?

We could be here all day discussing both the entertaining and moral nuances of how Game of Thrones and Avengers have brought people together, but they somehow bridged a gap people didn’t even realize they were missing. It was also something that had never been successfully attempted before. Never before has there been a movie series comprised of over twenty-one movies that have been individually awesome in their own right, not to mention totally unique. With the growing population preferring escapism over reality-TV, it was the dawn of a new, and welcome age of cinema and television.

Now Game of Thrones has concluded, and many of our favorite heroes have hung their capes, it is not over. Game of Thrones has several spin-off series in the making, which probably won’t be as monumental as the original series, but a welcome and interesting concept and Marvel already has a number of feature films ready to hit the big screen in the coming year.