5 geek movies to watch on a date

Everyone has a little bit of geek in them, and if you’re the type who loves a particular film or franchise more than life itself, then we hate to break it to you, but you are in fact, a fellow geek.

There’s one type of ‘geek movie’ that’s proved to be most popular with devoted fandoms, and it’s the sci-fi movie – all of which have something to offer everyone! So if you’re a geek who’s off on a date sometime soon, and want to express yourself and the love you have to offer through the art of the ‘geek movie’, then here are some options which will give you the best chance of making a good impression. P.s. Maybe don’t try the sneaky arm around the shoulder move until you know for sure they are a geek too.

5 geek movies to watch on a date

Star Wars

Watch this…to start with the obvious good old’ fashioned entertainment.

The Star Wars franchise is always a great place to start when expressing your inner geek. Your date is sure to enjoy the Galaxy far far away, right? I mean, who doesn’t immediately fall in love with Chewbacca? Just make sure you start on a film that’s going to make sense, so either A New Hope, The Force Awakens, or The Phantom Menace.

Back To The Future

Watch this…for a bit of light-hearted easy watching.

Spielberg’s 1985 classic is a sure thing to keep your date from leaving early. It’s an absolute masterpiece of family-adventure adventure fun, taking you on a dizzying time-traveling trip to the year 2015. Plus if the date is going better than expected, then you can always stick on the next two as the sequels aren’t bad either!

The Matrix

Watch this…if you want to impress with your excellent sci-fi knowledge.

The action-packed thrills of this 1999 sci-fi make it one of the best films of all time, let alone one of the best geek movies. But perhaps only choose this option if you know your date is up for some hardcore concentration, as The Matrix can get pretty confusing if you’re not paying attention, and who knows why you might get distracted…


Watch this…if your date loves action and gore.

This is the closest a sci-fi gets to the tongue-in-cheekiness of comic-strips, and we all know geeks love comic-books. It’s crammed with incredible action-sequences, sly witty humor, and some fantastically iconic moments. Plus, you know you can always crack the joke of “I’ll be back” when you nip to the bathroom. Nope? Just us? Okay.


Lord of the Rings

Watch this…if you want to show how much of a true geek you are.

There’s nothing like a bit of Middle-earth epicness that says geek, so if you are well and truly proud of your dork status, then look no further than Lord of the Rings. The spectacular special-effects and likable characters of this fantasy trilogy will be sure to charm your date if you haven’t already. And with each film around 3 hours long, then at least there’ll be one reason for your date to stick around.

Having such an immense religious love for your favorite film is the done thing nowadays – the kind of love where it’s normal behavior to scroll through pages and videos of trivia for hours – it’s weird if you don’t know every word of every scene. So embrace your geek, and ask them out for a date! What have you got to lose?