The top Netflix original movies you should see

Oh, Netflix, what would we do without you? You have been such a huge part of our lives, and we don’t think we could ever thank you for your efforts. So instead, we think we will settle down to enjoy some more time in front of the screen, but what to watch? Just when you think you have run out of viewing, we have some of the top Netflix original movies you should see that will keep you busy for plenty of weekends to come.


You might have thought the days of slasher movies were long gone, but have no fear; Hush is here to give you all the chills you need on a Friday night. Only, this is a horror with a difference. Maddie is a deaf-mute living in a cabin deep in the woods. Sounds normal, right? Well, that is until someone realizes her situation he makes Maddie his next target. Only, this woman isn’t going down without a fight. The twists and turns of this Netflix original movie might just be enough to watch most of Hush from behind the couch.

The top Netflix original movies you should see


If you loved Orange is the New Black, then chances are you might notice some similarities in the writing between the show and Tallulah as they were both scripted by Sian Heder. The movie follows the life of the title character after she “accidentally” kidnaps a toddler from a mother with a drinking dependency. Okay, so maybe it isn’t such an accident after all, but Tallulah knows she can use the child to help track down her run-out boyfriend. Thankfully, there is plenty of humor as Tallulah comes to terms with being a mother, even if she never planned on it in the first place.

Gerald’s Game

The name might sound familiar, and that’s because it is. This Netflix original movie is based on the Stephen King novel all about a couple looking to spice up their marriage. The idea is simple: a weekend away in the woods just husband and wife. That is until Jessie finds herself handcuffed to the bed waiting for her husband, who has passed away on the floor from a heart attack. Great. With no one around, no phone, and in the middle of nowhere, Jessie must crank things up if she ever stands a chance of escaping.

The Ritual

We’re starting to notice a theme here. Horror fans by any chance, Netflix? The Ritual is a Netflix original that follows all the standards of a terrifying movie. Uncharted woods? Check. Shadows everywhere you turn? Check. Group of friends in mysterious circumstances? Check. Now, all we need is a creepy bunch of people all living out in the wilderness to make up the rest of the cast, and we’re set. Oh wait, we’ve got that too. The friends must try and escape from these new people, but will they be able to make it to safety in time?

The top Netflix original movies you should see


If you want a Netflix original that gives you a touch of the feels then look no further. Okja is the magical story of a genetically altered pig that has been bred for human consumption. Only, when the pig’s keeper, Mija, falls in love with her new pet, she can’t watch him get taken away. Instead, this youngster risks it all to ensure Okja makes it to safety before it’s too late. There’s plenty of edge of your seat viewing thanks to this fight for survival feel-good movie.

Netflix has done it again with all their incredible original movies. No longer do we have to run out of anything to watch. No, we’ve now got hours to keep us busy from morning all the way through to the evening, You keep doing you Netflix, and we’ll enjoy every moment of it.