The greatest deleted scenes ever filmed

We all have movies would class among our favorites; often flicks we can sit down and watch time and again. While we get annoyed about director’s chopping and changing things, and releasing different versions of the same movie, with scenes added back in, it can actually make the movie better. In fact, some of the best scenes we can think of in movies have actually wound up being deleted scenes.

Usually, unless you are a big fan of a particular movie, franchise, or TV, and you own it on DVD or Bluray, you’re probably unlikely to watch the deleted scenes. Look, let’s be honest, deleted scenes are often a necessity, and the plot can go along just fine without them. But, sometimes we feel like specific scenes would add a lot to the story – these are some of those deleted scenes from awesome movies.

Aliens (1986)

There’s often a debate about whether Aliens is a better movie than Alien (it’s not), but it’s fair to say they are both fantastic movies. James Cameron helms this action-packed sequel, so it’s sleeker and more polished than its predecessor. The deleted scene here was found in the 1992 DVD release and gives more insight into Ripley’s character. We know she survives the first movie, and in the second she seems relatively unscathed by the ordeal, and the 57-years in hypersleep. However, in this deleted scene she discovers her daughter has died, aged 66! This scene seems to be pivotal for showcasing Ripley’s maternal bond with Newt, so we can’t figure out why Jimmy removed it!

IT (2017)

The IT reboot was hugely successful in 2017, and we are looking forward to the second part. While it may not have been quite as demented as the original, it was still pretty creepy, and heaps of fun too. Both the original and the recent remake could probably count their most iconic scene as the opening one. The scene in which Georgie has his arm torn off by Pennywise the Clown gave us all nightmares when we were kids. The remake has a slightly alternate beginning, in a deleted scene in which Georgie retrieves his paper boat unharmed. While this clearly wouldn’t have fit with the story, it does pose and interesting question of what would have happened if Georgie had survived.

Mean Girls (2004)

We think our fondness for Lindsay Lohan stems from this movie; this was back when she was a rising star and kept her name out of the tabloids. Mean Girls is actually a pretty good movie and does a lot of things really well. At the end of the film, Cady breaks her Spring Fling Queen crown and throws bits to the other girls she feels deserve it, including arch nemesis Regina. Now, this seems odd, as we assume they haven’t spoken since Regina’s accident. In actual fact, a deleted scene shows the two burying the hatchet just before prom. It’s a scene that isn’t vital to the movie, but it certainly adds context.

These are just a few of the great movies we feel have deleted scenes that we feel would have been important to add in, and would most likely have added weight and context to the plot. While the films themselves are great already, we can’t help but wonder how different they might have been had these scenes been included.