The best seasons in the American Horror Story anthology

Anthology TV shows have increased in popularity again over the past decade, and shows like American Horror Story have set the benchmark. The concept of the show is that each season is its own self-contained mini-series, telling its own unique story, and with a completely separate set of characters. Telling important stories, and making telling social commentaries, American Horror Story is one of the most interesting shows currently on television.

With the eighth season of the show set to air in 2018, we felt it was the perfect time to revisit and find out what it is that makes this show so great. So, let’s take a look back over the different seasons of the show, and determine the best seasons of American Horror Story. You’ll have your own personal favorites – these are ours.

Season 1

The one where it all began – the first season was set in a haunted house and such a wonderful standard when it first hit screens back in 2011. With a stunning cast, and some meaty themes to sink your teeth into, the season was dark, atmospheric, and one of the most striking seasons of the show. Using the haunted house format as an allegory for the skeletons in one family’s closet, this season is so highly acclaimed because it had no precedent; it just did what it wanted, and then stunned everybody at the end.

Season 3 – Coven

There’s a lot to love about Coven, and in many ways, it’s the most interesting season of the bunch. Normally, shows involving witches will take you back to the Salem Witch Trials, with people being burned alive at the stake. Here we only go back to 2013, and we follow the descendants of those witches killed in the Salem Witch Trials. Camp, stylish, and a whole heap of fun, this season will appeal to anyone who likes a bit of super in their supernatural. Sure, the fact that dead characters could simply be resurrected again kinda lost the dramatic edge somewhat. But, this is an important season examining oppression, witchcraft, racism, and maternal relationships.


Season 2 – Asylum

When it comes to the pinnacle of AHS, we don’t feel it gets any better than Season 2’s Asylum. Set in the 1960s, and focusing on abuse in a New England mental asylum, this was the season that had it all. Dealing with complex themes like abuse, power, corruption, insanity, and intimacy, this is a season that has it all. With bonkers supernatural elements, alien abductions, and James Cromwell on top form, Asylum has got to be the most thrilling, disturbing, and captivating installment the show has produced to date. Oh, and it has Jessica Lange singing The Name Game, which is simply sublime!

If you have never seen this show, you need to check it out right now – it’s available on Netflix. This is the show that taught us how great anthology shows could be once more and helped to rekindle our interest in binge-watching TV shows. Though these three seasons are the best the show has produced, the other four aren’t too shabby either!