How to host a game night

The older you get, the harder it can be to see your friends regularly. You all live separate lives, so it’s probably rare that you’re all free at the same time. That’s why it’s important to make the most of every opportunity you have together. If you want to make your meetups more exciting, why not turn one of them into a game night? It’s a great way to do something different while also ensuring you have hours of fun. There’s just one problem – how do you host something like this?

How to host a game night

Decide your games in advance

The last thing you want to do once everyone arrives is spend half an hour deciding what to play. It’s a massive waste of time, and it’s sure to cause some disagreements. That’s why it’s a good idea to pick what you’re going to play well in advance.

Broach the topic with your friends and see what games people are interested in. That way, the guests will show up knowing what to expect, and there won’t be any arguments about not liking something. You’ll save yourself a lot of time and trouble this way. Plus, you’ll be able to see what games your friends own and if there’s anything they have that’s worth playing.

Be prepared with food

If you’re going to host a party of sorts, then there has to be food. You’re likely planning to spend the entire evening together, so you’ll need to eat at some point. Of course, a sit-down meal isn’t usually appropriate for a game night, which is why finger food is the way to go.

Stock up your fridge and cupboards with the usual favorites, like chips, dips, and cookies. Serving food like this means you can ask everyone to bring something of their own, thus taking some of the financial pressure off you. You shouldn’t have to pay for everything, even if you are the host.

Make a comfortable space

Depending on how many people you invite to your game night, you might not have the space to accommodate everyone. That’s understandable, especially if you’re trying to cram a dozen people into a small apartment. However, if you don’t have enough chairs to go around, it’s important you make the available space comfortable.

Most people aren’t going to be too upset about sitting on the floor if you lay down some blankets and cushions. There might not be much around the house for you to use, so make sure to utilize everything you have. You don’t want your guests getting annoyed because they’re uncomfortable. The games are capable of doing that on their own.

How to host a game night

Go with the flow

Being the host of any event can be stressful, even if you’re just having a few friends over. However, it’s important to try and go with the flow as much as possible, even if that interferes with your plans.

While preparedness is helpful, being too dedicated to your arrangements could cause some disputes. You don’t want to be the person who gets angry with their friends because they won’t stop talking and play the game. The point of the evening is for you all to have fun together – don’t ruin that.

Hosting a game night can be a lot of fun, but remember not to overthink everything. As long as you have things to play and food to eat, nothing else really matters. So, go ahead and enjoy yourself.